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Talking about the gold bracelets, their sample may begin from 14k. Gold is more expensive if it has the higher sample. The color of gold can be different: white, yellow and even red. 14k gold bracelets may contain impurities of copper, cadmium, palladium, nickel, platinum or zinc. Depending on which an impurity is added to the alloy of gold, the shade of a decoration changes. It is allowed the harmonious combination of colors in a single decoration.

Previously in the manufacture of bracelets were used bones, tree barks and leather. From immemorial time, bracelets were attributed to various magical properties like amulets and talismans. Today, the most popular material for making bracelets is 14k gold. It is not too expensive and many women can afford it to herself.

Currently, the image plays an important role. It is not quite enough to show their own achievements of expensive cars or expensive clothes. Today it is paid a great attention to various details, especially such as filigree jewelry. And in this case, bracelets from 14k gold or supplemented with amazing precious stones are able to tell a lot about an individual sense of style, emphasize the elegance, taste and status, as gold bracelets are awesome jewelry. Today, they are quite elegant look on the female’s hand as well as the male’s one.

14k gold bracelets with diamonds are immediately transformed into a masterpiece of jewelry. You may buy a gold bracelet in the form of rings or chains that are loose-fitting for a hand, adding the image the elegance and romanticism.

Becoming the epitome of femininity, gold bracelets have always been popular. They give a female hand a special tenderness, elegance and highlight its grace and sophistication. Almost every woman prefer to buy jewelry bracelet. Specially designed for women, they are more visible, often decorated with precious stones, made in unusual and interesting design and style.14k gold bracelets

Indeed, women often choose not just bracelets from precious metal, but jewelry 14k gold bracelets with diamonds. The amazing shine of such a decoration attracts everyone’s attention to this woman. It is perfect for any outfit – from everyday to evening. It may be worn all the time, both at rest and in the office, on weekdays and holidays. Women like to wear gold bracelets, enjoy the way how they greatly look on their wrists. Thin and narrow bracelets can be worn as several pieces for a rich visual effect.

If you want this bracelet to be looked to the place and not like a simple thread, you need to consider some points. Namely, for the hand with a thin wrist, a narrow gold bracelet will give the elegance. For a medium-sized wrist the jewelry of different sizes and styles is suited. The massive gold bracelet looks organically and naturally on a wide wrist. The latest fashion trends can combine several types of bracelets, so do not limit yourself in choosing.

You may also purchase 14k gold bracelets with diamonds, made from white gold combined with other precious stones – emeralds or sapphires. It is very suitable to complement the diamonds gold bracelet with diamond earrings and a diamond ring.

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