14k gold earrings – the self-confidence of women

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14k gold earrings

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Any jewelry gold is an alloy of metals. The sample is determined by the ratio of these components and indicates an alloy in the jewelry gold. The presence in the alloy of 58.5% gold corresponds the 14k sample, which is now one of the most popular. 14k gold earrings unconditionally look great on every girl. Magnificent encrusted stones or without it gold earrings are able to revive the complexion, to attract an attention at a mischievous twinkle in the eyes and completely transform the image of a beautiful lady. In the combination with other jewelry, gold earrings help to create a superb ensemble that makes ladies look more harmoniously.

The natural desire of women – the emphasizing with her beauty, existed since the heyday of ancient Egypt. Gorgeous gold earrings were adorned queens, ladies and beautiful women from wealthy families. Today earrings from gold remain a popular jewelry, with which any woman, regardless of age or financial situation, can emphasize the bright individuality. If earlier gold earrings used to be only with a ring shape, so now modern jewelers offer a wide range of products from gold, a variety of forms, shapes and sizes, with or without inserts, unique in its execution.

You can emphasize your natural beauty with a huge number of interesting options of earrings from gold. It is known that a well-chosen earrings help visually to lengthen the neck or hide minor flaws of a face shape.14k gold stud earrings

Earrings with stones emphasize the eyes color, for this are perfect emeralds, sapphires, alexandrite or agate. For blonde beauties fit 14k gold earrings with clear stones, dark-haired women are suited well with colored stones or enamel. Stud gold earrings will appeal to owners of small ears. Small stud earrings are now popular not only among women but also among males, because in ancient times, men used to wear earrings like women.

Gold is the magical and wonderful metal that allows you to look in a new way and feel the real magic of the beauty. Gold decorations make women irresistible and give them self-confidence, fill with inner light. Earrings are in the close proximity to the face, so attract a lot of attention. As a gift to a woman diamond gold earrings will be great. The combination of bright and warm gold with white cold diamonds makes the heart beat faster. This gift will be remembered for a long time and will be appreciated!

Thanks for the using of high quality in 14k gold earrings, its interesting jewelry designs have a charming magnetism. Earrings from gold emphasize the beautiful eyes, make them shining and give an amazing mystery.

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