18k Gold Earrings – the High Class Jewelry

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18k Gold Earrings

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18k gold is a leader in sales of jewelry in the world. This gold sample indicates that the alloy contains 75.5% pure gold, the rest – additives of platinum, silver, palladium, copper and nickel. Because of these additives in the alloy, gold may have several colors: yellow, green, pink, red, green and even darker shades. Jewelers use 18k gold for particularly fine filigree work. 18k gold sample is considered the most popular and frequently purchased, easily processed and polished, perfect for making the most exquisite jewelry, including, 18k gold earrings.

These products are often encrusted with precious stones of high class – emeralds, diamonds, sapphires, beryl. Elongated elegant earrings underline the freshness of face and neck, color of eyes. Small earrings of geometric shapes give a simple style of business woman the refined femininity. Earrings from white or yellow gold, shining with noble diamonds, will be a focus of the evening solemn image. The fantasy filigree of gold earrings with mysteriously shimmering faceted chrysolite, emerald and topaz, can enhance the beauty of any woman.

18k gold earrings made are classified as “premium”. This alloy is not for mass production, but for creation masterpieces of the jeweler’s art. Many famous jewelry brands such as Tiffany, Cartier, Bulgari, Carrera & Carrera, Van Cleef & Arpels prefer to work with high-grade 18k gold. This sample of jewelry differs with elegance and originality, often is made in a single copy and encrusted with diamonds, designed for special occasions, but not for everyday using. The unusual design and original forms – hallmarks of jewelry made of high-grade gold alloy.18k yellow gold earrings

Jewelry made from 18k gold are worldwide sales leaders. In some countries, such as Switzerland, gold of lower sample than 18k is prohibited for sale in jewelry stores. 18k gold is a so-called standard in the world of jewelry. Often is used the method of thread on gold items, including earrings too. It looks amazing.

The price of 18k gold is significantly higher than in the articles of other samples because a low-grade jewelry contains a lower percentage of pure gold.

Perfectly matched 18k gold earrings have the unique ability to mitigate the strict office attire or, on the contrary, organically give to everyday negligence a touch of elegance and chic. Charming earrings from gold will serve not only a wonderful addition of stylish image, but also a memorable souvenir. This jewellery combines the femininity, sophistication and practicality.

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