18k Gold Necklaces – Weak and Strong Sides

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18k gold necklace

7 Photos of the 18k Gold Necklaces – Weak and Strong Sides

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Products made from 18k gold contain 75% of pure gold. They have become very fashionable in recent years among people who used to stand out and can afford expensive and extraordinary items, such as 18k gold necklaces. A decoration of this sample has an unusual lemon-yellow color. This is due to the fact that the quantity of pure metal in such jewelry is much more and it has a yellow color.

Disadvantages of the products with a high content of pure metal:

Thus, gold products with a 18k sample are much more expensive compared to other more traditional 14k gold. So, choosing a product of such an unusual color you necessarily will stand out and decorations itself acquire unconventional look. The drawback of wearing such necklases is their softness compared to others. These decorations must be cared for and not worn all the time, particularly you should take them off when there is a threat of mechanical damage (gym, boxing and so on). This is especially true for the necklases, as hands frequently are touched objects. These necklases will eventually lose its original luster and novelty and can even be deformed with a strong impact.

Options to improve the 18k gold necklases:

If you want this sample products with a high content of pure metal, jewelers have some secrets that will strengthen the lock in the chain, so it to be strong. Masters also advise to choose a thick wire for chains and bracelets with this sample to avoid deformation of the links because of its thinness. Such products must still be worn just at a special occasion, but not every day.

Be always special! Wearing 18k gold necklaces, you will look unusual, fashionable and very beautiful, especially on important for you meetings and events. Such products will allocate you among others and will make you charming and luxurious.

In accordance with modern fashion, you may often see jewelry that is nicely combined with different types of gold alloys, as well as the insertion of different stones. This combination perfectly emphasizes the characteristics of different materials and the decoration becomes more vivid. So, 18k gold like enhances the brilliance of the red metal, while, for example, sapphire, emphasizes the radiance of diamonds.18k gold plated necklace

Decorations from 18k gold can be called a real boon not only for jewelers, but also for those who will wear them. Of course, this gold is not so popular among jewelry fans, as the traditional red gold or, for example, yellow one. But this is one of the reasons for its elitism. Just think how much greater 18k gold necklaces are combined with very fashionable colored stones! You may see how interesting sparkling diamond necklase is, if it is made from 18k gold! Of course, it may contain some modesty, restraint and not striking. But do these qualities can be recognized as a weakness? Just the contrary, it all is the classic manifestation of the of nobility, style, sophistication. Necklases made from 18k gold may be less visually striking, but their external restraint is a sign of the royal blood.

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