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The amber ring is very beautiful and will be a wonderful gift for every woman. Amber jewelry makes its proprietress elegant and emphasizes her style. A chick amber ring or earrings will look good with any precious metal: silver, gold or platinum. It shows its owner’s good taste.

Amber is an unusual precious stone. It must be taken care in a special way. These gemstones bring success, happiness and health. Amber keeps the reminiscence of the past. It also has magical powers and gives its owner strong health.

Usually amber rings are for mature women. They look solid and expensive. But young ladies can also choose an amber adornment from gold or silver.

Today, jewelry artists combine ambers with other gemstones to make them shine brighter.

Amber can be put in any setting because its shape is always different. It is like a part of the sun in a ring. Celebrities often prefer this gemstone in various adornments.

Only the best and the most skillful jewelry artists make products with this precious stone. These rings and earrings have an affordable price. Every woman can buy beautiful amber jewelry.


People who have some connection with the past such as anthropologists, archeologists and historians, should wear a ring with this gemstone. It lets to establish the connection between the present and the past and look to the future.

Amber is fossilized coniferous tree resin. Its age varies from 38 to 120 million years. Dried trees with resin got to the seafloor. Wood became brown coal, resin turned into amber. Brown coal was decomposed and amber was washed away by sea waves.

Amber has healing effects on blood and the conditions of joints. Iodine is one of the components of amber. It is very useful for those people, who have some problems with a thyroid, which are caused by iodine deficiency.

Amber jewelry preserve from evil spirits and enemies. It also can preserve from lightning and fire.

Travelers should wear amber jewelry. It also preserves a vessel from shipwreck.

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