Antique diamond engagement rings – the vintage charm

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antique diamond engagement rings

9 Photos of the Antique diamond engagement rings – the vintage charm

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Vintage is a popular style today, the relevance of which is proved by a century testing of aesthetic priorities. We can not say that it is reigned in the jewelry, but vintage decorations have a lot of adherents. The antique rings have their own history, their value can not be connected with only the weight of noble alloy and precious minerals. Despite the popular prejudice, warning from wearing rings of strangers, antique diamond engagement rings are very popular today among young people.

Why vintage jewelry is bought?

Antique decorations are any product of jewelers released over half a century ago. Old jewelry does not always cost a fabulous value, proclaimed at worldwide auctions. In those years, for jewelry masters there were not yet available technologies and modern types of cuts making diamonds to play with marvelous shimmering of rainbow.

It is possible that on the metal surface can be some defects, which jewelers were not able to eliminate. However, antique diamond engagement rings have a certain power that allows to forget about these nuances: they are like family heirlooms. It so happened that for many people it was not possible to collect and store the family jewels. Probably buying antique jewelry, they strive to bring back the good old tradition.

Popular styles of antique rings

The adherents of elegance prefer antique jewelry, released at the time of the reign of Queen Victoria (1835-1900). This is often restrained in the decor decoration made from pink or yellow gold alloy inlaid with one diamond of medium size.

Jewelry issued during the reign of King Edward (1900-1920), differs from the previous product design with rich expressive details. Common types of cut at that period were “usher”, “rose”, “radiant”. Referred to the Edwardian era the engagement rings with diamonds are not effectively sparkling, but it is impossible not to give the proper respect to their century appeal.

The “younger” than the Edwardian style jewelry, are art deco decorations with attractive extravagance. Released in 1920-1930 jewelry products are distinguished with ornamental engraving, openwork insertion, ethnic motifs, custom eye-catching design. Often at the center of the composition of art deco jewelry is a large stone surrounded by small sparkling diamonds.antique diamond engagement ring settings

Where to buy antique diamond engagement rings?

Large jewelry stores today offer for the adherents of antique jewelry a significant range of wonderful decorations, valued according to accepted criteria in this sector: weight, color, stone purity, the presence of defects and so on. The prices accuracy is not the main argument persuadering to appeal to the jeweler. They with the impeccability may to determine the age and composition of the products of precious alloys, identify counterfeits.

It is difficult to find antique diamond engagement rings in necessary size but old vintage decorations with a special charm without problems can be adjusted to the required parameters by a goldsmith or in the shop, engaged in the production of custom made unique jewelry, the master there can also make the commemorative engraving.

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