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Aquamarine Stud Earrings for Women

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An aquamarine is a blue translucent mineral that belongs to the group of beryllium. The iron gives such a beautiful color to this mineral. Its quantity affects on a saturation and hue. An unique feature of this stone is changing color depending on the angle at which the sun’s rays fall. Falling under an artificial light, they acquire a deep color. This mineral today enjoys a great popularity. Aquamarine stud earrings enhance the beauty of any eye color, so women like them a lot. In addition, the stones are so unique in a shade that any girl with the help of such decorations may express her individuality. Moreover, an aquamarine is able to change its color when changes the weather and the mood of the owner.
Ergonomic stud earrings are highly feminine. Their main advantage lies in a miniature size and the unique sweetness. Silver stud earrings with aquamarine visually rejuvenate, make a silhouette more light and airy. That is why among the number of their fans are ladies of completely different ages, body types and appearance. Every stylish fashionista should have stud earrings in her jewelry box and preferably in large quantities. Because they are easy to match to any outfit! It may be strict classical or light-hearted romance style, well-established traditional or original exclusive – anything.

Aquamarine stud earrings with gold or silver are a true talisman that protects family life. It will help to find a way to mutual understanding and forgiveness. In a combination with gold or silver this stone may magnified its properties.Milky Aquamarine Earrings

Lithotherapists claim that an aquamarine jewelry can enhance immunity, deduce toxins from an organism, cure thyroid disease. Those who prefer to quit smoking, are recommended to wear aquamarine. Some people believe this stone to have magical properties. A stone eliminates melancholy and longing, raises the spirits of its owner, improves overall health.

Pay attention to the silver earrings with aquamarine. It is refined and exquisite product that will show your beauty and emphasize individuality. A color and saturation of a stone depend on the place of production, so it is difficult to pick up two of the same mineral and only highly skilled craftsmen can do this. If you choose silver as the frame for the earrings with aquamarine these can be supplemented by evening dress, adding elegance to it. This mineral is perfectly combined with white, yellow and shades of red.

Aquamarine stud earrings are getting a great popularity. And it is no coincidence, because the aquamarine of the unique aqua-green will looks especially elegant in a frame of gold and silver.Aquamarine Stud Earrings Yellow Gold

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