Bezel Set Engagement Rings – Simple Design

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Bezel Set Engagement Rings

7 Photos of the Bezel Set Engagement Rings – Simple Design

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Classic rings for engagement are pretty simple, but a simple design in any case does not detract from their deeper meaning. And if earlier in the shops it was just impossible to buy other rings styles, but now the choice of jewelry is really amazing. Because of this hands of brides are increasingly adorned with unusual jewelry made from various types of metal, decorated with inlays of enamel and inlaid with different precious stones. There are bezel set engagement rings among unusual kinds of accessories.

A metal rim with flat or raised edges partially or completely surrounded with the perimeter of the stone is called «bezel» set.
Advantages of the bezel set:

  1. It protects the edges of the gem from chipping;
  2. It hides the cleaved edge;
  3. Protects a stone very well;
  4. The surface of the ring is completely smooth, as the stone sinks into the bezel rim so that the upper bound is right flush with the hoop;
  5. A white metal, such as platinum, surrounding white stone optically increases the size of the gem;
  6. A bezel rim of gold with ruby ​​or emerald framing, makes deeper and more intense the shade.

Disadvantages of this set: It is not recommended to use the gold bezel set with the diamond. Even the purest diamond will give a yellow light because of reflections from metal. With such a fixing a stone is completely retained in the metal, while rays fall only on the top. In bezel set engagement rings stone often looks larger and sometimes even brighter, thanks to the brilliance of metal, a stone aimed at the inner side of a set.

A metal base of a ring almost entirely surrounds a diamond and thereby holds it in place. These rings are now becoming very popular and attractive. A metallic frame reaches the upper surface of the ring or even exceed it, while making the ring more height and volume. Although the whole metal frame has a fairly traditional look, it can be divided like into two segments, forming an arc only around part of the diamonds.bezel set diamond rings

Such a method of manufacturing the rings provides secure fit and protection of diamonds. It may be used for inserting any of gemstones with no risk of damage. But usually for the manufacture of bezel set engagement rings jewelers take more time and resources, which make the jewelry more expensive than other rings. A bezel set emphasizes the stone circle with the impression that it is more than it fact is, or as if it was fixed with the help of the prongs. This kind of set gives a smooth surface for the ring. As a rule, you may choose your favorite color of the metal for this form of the ring, which is framed the wonderful gems.

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