Birthstone bracelets as the real talismans and healers

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earth grace birthstone bracelets

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earth grace birthstone bracelets

It is hard to say, when a stone cult began, although, no doubt, it was a time of belief in the miraculous power of nature, the appearance of numerous kinds of religious rituals. In direct contact of a stone with a person there is the energy distribution, that affects the body, cells and blood. There is also the energy transfer between minerals and the environment, a variety of energy vibrations happen, which depend on the energy structure of the stone. Between the stone and the human body there is a mutual exchange of information and energy. Today birthstone bracelets can be called talismans and healers.

On today’s jewelry market there is a very huge variant of bracelets made with natural stones. You may find among them beautiful and bright accessories, without which no one wardrobe is completed.

Natural stones have not only beauty, but also certain properties. Some stones can help in your personal life, health, career and money matters. Birthstone bracelets are really ubiquitous among this kind of decorations. Choosing jewelry made with semiprecious stones, you can be guided by the month of birth, which is suitable just for you:

January. Once upon a time it was called “granate” month. In nature, there are quite a lot of granate stones. Their colors are very different.

February. People born in February are suitable with amethyst jewelry, especially purple. February also likes an onyx stone of white color.

March. Perhaps, because it is the first month of spring, it loves stones of green and blue colors. People born in March need to have chalcedony, aquamarine or red jasper.

April. Since ancient times, April is the most magical and interesting month. April stones include diamond and amber.

May. A month of greenery and flowering. Perhaps that is why, the stones of May are emerald and chrysoprase.

June. The first summer month. Nature is redolent. People, who were born in June, are recommended with birthstone bracelets of malachite, agate or alexandrite.

July. Midsummer. It is very sultry month. So, stones of July – red ruby and carnelian.

August. Summer is coming to the end. This month is suited with onyx and aventurine.

September. Here the autumn comes. The days are getting shorter and the nights longer. September people need sapphire and lapis lazuli.

October. Mid-Autumn. In ancient times the symbol of October was a tourmaline. Opal is also perfect for October people.

November. Harbinger of winter. The main November stone is topaz. This month likes also a tiger eye.

December. The last month of the year and the first month of winter. Its stones are turquoise and zircon.

Birthstone bracelets are great gifts for a girlfriend, wife, mom. Pick up the bracelet with suitable natural stones according to the month of birth. When picking up a stone it has to be chosen to the birth month, as well as other important factors. But the most important criteria when buying such a jewelry, of course, should be your inner feelings. A stone decoration should bring you only positive emotions.

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