Birthstone necklace for mom – personalized jewelry with protection

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Beautiful birthstone necklaces for mom

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Beautiful birthstone necklaces for mom

There is a legend according to which, the wise goddess Hera scattered in different places the beautiful stones that were supposed to be mascots for pregnant women. When the expectant mother could find such a talisman, her baby was easily born and grew up healthy. If you believe in the power of stones, so you might be interested what stones were advised to wear the ancient sages and what birthstone necklace for mom can become a real amulet.

In many countries there is a good tradition to give gems for a woman carring a child, as well as to present for a newborn. This custom is not suddenly appeared. In ancient times, when people did not have the opportunity to influence on the various processes occurring in the body of the pregnant girl and her baby, there was a strong belief in the specific “helpers”, such as minerals.

At first glance, a stone – inanimate matter and nothing more. In fact, it combines the properties of living and non-living materials. It is believed that the minerals have not only beautiful shape and color, but also their own energy and character. With the right selection the stone may become a reliable assistant and protector of its owner.

How to choose “own” mineral? The science of stones – gemology urges to pay attention not only to the stone homeland, its age and natural properties, but also the cutting, birth month, compatibility with metals, stories and legends associated with it and also rules of wearing and care.

Jewelry for moms are sweet products, that are loved by everybody. There are many variants to convert any personalized decoration in a birthstone necklace for mom. These products are the good gift for Mother’s Day, birthday, Christmas or anniversary. These necklaces can be cutom made with names to make the gift personal and meaningful.

Everyone may find and choose from a variety of materials, text, design exactly what will match the taste and purpose. For a more expensive gift, you may choose different shades of gold and complete it with diamonds to enhance the effect and beauty of the decoration in general. Other less expensive products include a variety of metals, with the help of which the decent appearance may be also achieved. A birthstone necklace for mom can be made even from a natural fibers.

For everybody his mom is the unique and special person, so there are so many ways to personalize decorations for moms. However, some styles have gained particular popularity, including crystals Swarovski jewelry.

These jewelry for moms – a great way to add significance to the existing jewelry. Add the Swarovski crystal, which is corresponding to the month of birth and you make a gift thoughtful and interesting. A good alternative would be adding the names of her children that she always could feel they are close to her. The same principle includes the name of the spouse, placed on the product.

A birthstone necklace for mom is a perfect way to show gratitude to all mothers and make them proud of their achievements. And perhaps these decorations with gems will not be only beautiful accessories, but defenders and assistants of mother and her family.

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