Birthstone Rings for Women are Gorgeous and Powerful

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Birthstone rings for women

9 Photos of the Birthstone Rings for Women are Gorgeous and Powerful

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Birthstone rings for women intend to enhance a marvelous and symbolizing look to a woman. Depending on the month a woman is born, she has a special birthstone that brings luck to her. It can bring mental comfort, increase passion and flourish one’s sexual life. The origin of the birthstone list dates back to 1912. According to the legend, each birthstone has a therapeutic influence on its bearer, the healing power of which heightens during the intended month. So let us consider each stone and month compatibility separately!

  • If a woman is born on January, her birthstone is Garnet. The latter is a dark red-colored sparkling stone that becomes a perfect gemstone for a ring. It looks especially marvelous on a white gold ring creating a passionate and inspiring look.
  • The gemstone of people born on February is Amethyst. This gemstone has purple color the richness of which depends on the cut angle and level of elaboration. Rings with this birthstone look particularly nice and sweet with Diamond combination. Depending on preference, any material can be used for the ring frame.
  • Birthstone rings for women born in March are those the centre of which is Aquamarine. This light blue gemstone is so romantic and divine! It can serve as an ideal gift especially for an engagement.
  • Meanwhile women born on April make use of the advantage of their birthstone. It is Diamond- the queen of all precious stones! Irrespective of the color, this gemstone guarantees great look for any jewel especially rings for April born women.
  • If you were born in May and are fond of green color, then you are lucky to have Emerald as your birthstone! Rings with this precious stone are so attractive and fascinating!
  • Gorgeous looking rings with Peridot serve as birthstone rings for people born in August. Even though this stone appears seldom in rings, it can look alluring as a pedant.
  • Wait, we have missed June and July! Marvelous Pearl is for June while the passionate Ruby is for July! Ruby rings look so enchanting on women slender and soft fingers enhancing passionate and tender feeling!
  • Gorgeous Sapphire rings suit any woman with their dark and full color, while women born in September can make use of the energy it provides for them. Such color also has Tanzanite or otherwise called Turquoise, which is intended for people born in December.
  • Unique looking Opal is the birthstone for women born in October. It can serve as picturesque gemstone for a ring. Not less attractive would be birthstone rings for women born in November. They will have Citrine (Topaz) as their gemstone! It will bring a majestic look especially on yellow gold ring.

Many worldwide famous jewelers accentuate their masterpieces particularly with birthstones. A customer can choose material, design and size for his ring and the jeweler will create the most wonderful ring that is going to heal the bearer’s mind and body. Obtaining one of birthstone rings for women, you are ensured to have one of the most exquisite jewelry pieces.Aquamarine birthstone rings

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