Black and White Diamond Engagement Rings

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11 Photos of the Black and White Diamond Engagement Rings

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The uniform combination of white and black diamonds is truly the stunning and exciting tandem in jewelery. Rings with such a combination are perfect for everyday life, a romantic evening and for social events. The glitter of precious stones once again reminds about the status and refined taste of the ring owner. Black and white diamond engagement rings are favorably distinguished from the others, as well as emphasize the individuality of the bride. The classic union of black and white color gives the ring a solemn rigor.

Black diamonds are really rare, they can be found only in a particular area and a certain depth. It is not too easy to distinguish the black stone from the dark brown one or other color diamonds. When tons of ore are dug and subsurface precious gifts are sorted, then jewelers start to work on them. Sometimes after the cut diamond may lose up near 50% of its volume. It also has to be remembered that these black gems are not in vain called aliens from outer space: the stones were formed when above the earth the meteor rain was not stopping. The universe can not repeat the same “trick” again.

White diamonds are different from black ones not only by the composition, but also the fact that white stones reflect the light with facets, and black ones – with perfectly polished surface. The using of gold rings with black and white diamonds only adds to its owner the mystery. It is not difficult to guess how much such jewelry costs and why exactly so much, especially if the one product consist both types of diamonds. And it has too huge cost, because you pay for perfection, and it is above all praise.

Black and white diamond engagement rings are created on the basis of a combination of contrasting white stones, so mostly jewelers use for them a setting of white gold. Following the latest fashion trends, almost all these rings are made by using small gems that create a light and airy feel. The color scheme gives this jewelry the graphic sophistication of frosty lace. Through this such an engagement ring becomes universal and, depending on the situation, can serve as the perfect complement to business suit and elegant decoration for the evening as well. So it may be worn in different situations.engagement ring with black diamond

In the drawing of lines, volumes and shapes of such black and white jewelry is felt the desire to give the decoration the philosophy sense. As heart and soul are connected after the marriage, so incredibly black and white diamond engagement rings show this link. The game of contrast and light is refracted in the facets of these beauties: it is really hard to take a look away from these decorations.

These diamonds are the luxury union of the unusual gemstones on the planet. As Yin and Yang, these stones embody two energies, which can not exist without each other.

The excellent combination of black and white stones in an elegant frame of white gold can not leave anyone indifferent. Black and white diamond engagement rings are the elegant classic, but still – the ultra-modern design.

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