Black Diamond Necklaces – Unusual Mystery

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Black Diamond Necklace

13 Photos of the Black Diamond Necklaces – Unusual Mystery

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Black diamonds are an extremely rare phenomenon of nature. The jewelry with these stones look unusual, they are blowing with a mysterious aura of the luxury. For a long time there was a mystery about the origin of these stones and has only recently it has been proven that black diamonds consist of extraterrestrial origin matter. Each of this stone is unique. So black diamond necklaces are always elements of the status.

Among the traditional colors, black diamonds occupy a separate very special place, because their unusual appearance literally attracts attention and time and fashion have no control over these crystals.

Today only leading jewelers of the worldwide reputation work with such crystals, creating for this kind of special types of diamond cuts, due to which black crystals necklace can reveal all its beauty and charm.

The black diamonds are among the most mystical crystals. There is an opinion that these stones were brought to the Earth by aliens. According to another version, these crystals are fragments of ancient meteorites that rained down on the planet even when it was deprived of the atmosphere and these fragments were not influenced by the temperature of an air friction and at the expense of this stones have preserved their unique color.

This type of diamond is attributed to numerous magical properties. It is believed that the decorations, especially black diamond necklaces have incredible power and energy, the ability to make its owner invulnerable to any troubles and bring the wealth and high social status.

Black diamonds simply absorb all the negative impact, while giving its owner the wisdom and power. The motto of this stone is a “secret power”. Indeed, none gems as black diamonds are not able to point the high social status of its owner, his respectability and refined and white diamond necklaces

Necklaces collections, which include these unique precious crystals, are the embodiment of refined classics combined with ultra-fashionable creative design. For this reason, such products can be worn with almost any outfit – decorations will be in harmony with luxurious evening dresses and with strict office suit.

The frames for black stones necklaces often are yellow or white gold, platinum and also titanium – with any of these metals such precious crystals are combined perfectly and look always unusual, impressive, stylish and expensive.

The color of the crystals is not always completely black, it may vary from gray to blue-black, from the color of an expensive long-term cognac to dark brown shade.

Black diamond necklaces¬†are a good solution for an evening going out. An elegant flowing dress in a floor or pantsuit of a classic style – this decoration will be the “highlight” of any wardrobe. The radiance of stones inserts will look excellent, both in daytime and in the evening light. The soft playing of deep saturated color elegantly envelops the neck of a beautiful lady, focusing on the surrounding natural beauty and her smooth shape silhouettes.

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