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Black Onyx Earrings for Women

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A black onyx has strong magical properties. For example, it increases the internal energy, gives a power. Therefore, it is recommended to those people who are constantly in movement, and that is why they can quickly get exhausting emotionally and physically. This unique stone is a reflection of the power of nature, as science has not yet managed the creation of a similar color mineral. Today, a black onyx is used in almost all kinds of jewelry. But black onyx earrings are ideal for women evening image. They are distinguished by elegance and simplicity at the same time, which make them a versatile decoration.

The secret here is variously onyx layers, each of which has a different thickness and color structure. But the most mysterious and still popular remains a black onyx, which attracts energy and surrounding rays in its black depths. Perhaps because of this mysterious property these earrings with black onyx have got a huge spread and recognition in the art of jewelry.

These accessories look mysterious and just a little intimidating. They attract everyone’s views and make shudder at the thought of strength and power that are endowed with their owners. For earrings usually are used large stones faceted in a cabochon style. A stone may be with a square, elongated or round shape. This nugget is easily combinated with many precious stones: rubies, sapphires, emeralds, diamonds. It is inserted into the product from different metals, mainly gold and silver. The most popular are three kinds of black onyx earrings, made of different metals:

  • Gold earrings with black onyx. The contrast of black stone and rich yellow gold charms and captivates. Onyx can be contoured by the circle with gold braid or the original frame in which gold is enveloping it from all sides.
  • Silver earrings with black onyx. This is a budget option in contrast to the first type of earrings. This decoration is often performed in the original ethnic style, which emphasizes the unique style of women.Black Onyx Dangle Earrings
  • Earrings with diamonds and black onyx. The effective combination of radiant brilliant and black matt stone will not leave anyone indifferent. In this case, an onyx plays a role of background for precious stones, which in combination with onyx shine even more.

Black onyx earrings are the luxury solution for bright blondes and brunettes, pertinent for everyday wear as well as on the occasion of the celebrations of special importance. It is well suited to complement the classic, business, retro or imperial style of clothes, indicating the special needs of owner.Black Onyx Gold Earrings

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