Black Onyx Necklaces – Individuality and Magnificence

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black onyx necklace

7 Photos of the Black Onyx Necklaces – Individuality and Magnificence

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Black onyx necklaces are amazing gifts for all fans of this chic. Mysterious black onyx accentuate the romantic image, make it serious, get rid of the excessive levity. You may be confident in the perfection of the image with this necklace .

A black onyx used to be a talisman against evil spirits and black magicians, a protection against premature death. This stone was represented in this way by our ancestors from all over the world and from different cultural backgrounds. Times have changed, years passed, but one truth remains steadfast. This mineral, painted in several harmoniously mixed colors, ranks its high place among the jewels.

A black onyx is a mysterious stone. Its quality is still not fully understood. It is believed that this kind of agate has the most numerous medicinal properties. It is the “hub stone”, which can “pull out” the human diseases. If you just wear black onyx products, for example a necklace, it will improve the work of most internal organs. The mineral can enhance the memory and hearing, strengthen the spine and help to forget about the annoying pain.

Silver and gold black onyx necklaces are pleasing not only with its magnificence, but also the original form. Usually, this is not just a standard set, but a unique design solution that allows to make each piece different from another. Each of these jewelry has its individual essence.

An onyx is often cut, giving some form for jewelry. Many of this stones are used to create relief forms, which are usually placed on a contrasting background color. The structure allows to cut onyx monolithic cameo, which is used as a background contrast layer of a stone. This spectacular piece of jewelry is considered also a powerful talisman. The presenting such a gift shows the sincere wishes of good luck and onyx beaded necklace

Black onyx necklaces are so individual that it is absolutely impossible to find two identical products. Because the stone has a multilayer structure and its drawing is always original, it has a complex range of colors, full of all shade sorts and no less complex and intricate pattern. All these facts make make the onyx even more exclusive and unique.

Silver necklace with onyx is perfectly suited for an evening publication. They are distinguished by the elegance and simplicity, which make them a versatile decoration. This decoration perfectly complements the silver ring with a large black onyx.

This stone is so attractive with its unique combination of colors and lines that defies and excites the imagination at first sight. Gold and silver necklaces with black onyx are the accessible beauty that will never disappoint, it is exclusive for a very nice price!

But this nugget is very capricious, despite its nobility and beauty. Therefore, black onyx necklaces require careful treatment and care, for which it will pay you back with the concern about the appearance and health. Jewellery made from onyx are fairly fragile. Because of a low mineral hardness it should not be stored in contact with other products. It is better to save all the decorations in individual cells.

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