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A pearl resembles a living creature. It is born and grows in the depths of the ocean, then slowly grows old and dies. However, it may need at least hundreds of years. Somehow, contacting with the skin of some people, it dims and charges with energy and strength from others, fills with a special shining. The most amazing mystery and the most incredible beauty are jewels with black pearls, including black pearl earrings.

A price of black pearls at least is three times higher than of white ones. In fact, black are any dark pearls – blue, greenish, silver or gray tint. As we know Catherine the Great used to store in her jewelry box thirty perfectly flat and dark as a stormy sky, the ocean “stones”. The same number of pearls decorated the crown of Austria. It is a real wealth today and hundreds years ago.

Earrings with black pearls are often decorated with small diamonds or diamond grit. The sparkling radiance seems to be absorbed by the mysterious twilight of night. It charms and captivates. Note, however, that the darkest “lunar fragments” are not suitable for everyone. This is a fairly controversial choice for a young girl. Also greenish or bluish pearl does not look well at the background of a dark skin.

A mysterious whim of nature is extremely attractive, it became tender, able to charm forever. Black pearl earrings perfectly complement any outfit, making its possessor a beautiful lady. Remarkably beautiful black pearls are brought from Tahiti. There in the depths of the warm sea oysters grow and keep their treasures. Tahitian pearls initially are distinguished by a luxurious shine and smoothness without requiring additional processing. A pearl dark color is much rarer than white and therefore is valued higher. Since ancient times jewelers used diamonds near the pearls, these stones are combined wonderfully and complement each other.

One of the most exquisite jewelry are earrings with black pearl enchased in silver, white or black gold. A simple black pearl drop in a complex of refined frame is incredibly beautiful, it poses a warm glow, illuminating the face and forcing the eyes shine brighter. It does not matter what price is paid for it, because earrings with natural black pearls can be worn at any age, these stones will never lose its appeal and never get bored.

The jewelry of black pearl earrings are used to be transformed into relics, which are associated with family tradition and sometimes even legends, and it is passed from one generation to another, making the connection of times.Black Tahitian Pearl Earrings

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