Blue Diamond Necklaces – Rarity and Beauty

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 Blue Diamond Necklace

7 Photos of the Blue Diamond Necklaces – Rarity and Beauty

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Among the variety of gems diamonds have always occupied a special place. There are no more expensive, effective and at the same time noble crystals than wonderful faceted diamond. These stones can be of different shapes, sizes and its cut can be made in various ways, and also different colors (from completely transparent to black). The most unusual and expensive can safely be called the blue diamonds. Blue diamonds, which gloss is highlighted by the special cut, decorate rare collections of incredible beauty blue diamond necklaces. There products are shining with a blue shade and with its attractiveness and femininity lines are a reflection of deep feelings.

The feature of that color crystals is not only their unusual appearance, but also the unique properties they possess. For example, in the ultraviolet rays the crystals begin to radiate an intense blue glow.

At the moment, a lot of popularity gained transparent natural diamonds that after exposure to high temperature or pressure, irradiation acquire an amazing blue shade. Such crystals are completely natural, but certainly the cost of blue diamond necklaces in fact is much lower than those jewelry crystals which color is blue by the nature. Blue diamonds of natural origin are among the rarest minerals, the cost of such stones depending on the purity and color intensity and can even reach millions of dollars per carat.

Today, jewelry with these stones, including blue diamond necklaces are very popular, because the beauty of these crystals leaves no one indifferent. Such stones are perfectly combined with other types of precious crystals and insertion of these gems are used virtually in all types of jewelry.

The color of blue diamonds is quite diverse and covers a wide range of color intensity from the deep blue shade that is extremely rare, to the light blue hue, which has almost white color, such diamonds are called the “blue ice”. Between these extremes there are also diamonds of the purple-blue color, aquamarine shade, blue diamonds, and diamonds with various impurities of color, such as blue-green, blue-gray and many heart diamond necklace

Blue diamonds, which are obtained their color in a laboratory are called “ennobled” and are not much more expensive than the stone with the original color characteristics (usually blue diamonds, obtained in this way from yellowish crystals, cost lower than the clear stones).

Blue diamond necklaces due to the rarity of the stone and its high prices can be afforded not by everyone. But buying a wonderful necklaces with blue diamond, you may be sure that no one will leave your purchase without attention. Such a jewelry with blue diamonds will always be the standard of grace and style, elegance and tenderness of a diamond is sure to attract the looks. A necklace with a blue diamond is a combination of refinement, luxury and elegance.

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