Blue Topaz Necklaces: Combination of Decorations

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Blue Topaz Necklace

10 Photos of the Blue Topaz Necklaces: Combination of Decorations

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Elegant blue topaz necklaces are one of the most amazing accessories in jewelry. The refined, noble shinning of white or pink gold harmoniously look together with stunning and luxurious skillfully faceted topaz of a gorgeous blue color. A stylish necklace with topaz created by the hand of an experienced master, can turn any girl into a real queen. Such a blue stone necklace gives the image originality, makes a girl just luxurious.

A blue topaz is a gentle, easily perceived stone and the range of its using is quite wide. It is suitable for modest but elegant everyday jewelry and luxurious necklace with a complicated design.

Necklaces with this stone look chic. If the topaz is large and the decoration itself is massive enough, it is better to wear it complete with earrings or a ring, but do not use too much different decorations. The wearing of sets with three or more items is considered bad manners and tells about an elementary lack of taste of the owner. This jewelry looks well with the same bracelets or earrings.

Do not combine cheap jewelery with this noble stone, wooden accessories also look badly with it. In addition, your jewelry should be from the same metal. It is great to combine a colorless topaz or topaz of a blue color with a frame made from silver, platinum and white gold.

If you believe the astrologers, the properties of the blue topaz are better shown in a frame of shining gold. Such blue topaz necklaces are appropriate not only for the celebrations, but also in everyday life. Of course, this elegant stone gives a special charm to the image. We all know the tradition about the bride’s outfit, which must have something blue, so the necklace with a blue topaz is the best way for it.

It has long been observed that decorations with a topaz are universal, they are suitable for almost any clothing, with any ensemble they look fashionable, stylish and modern. This stone necklace is perfect for classic evening and cocktail dresses, for romantic models of flowing fabric, a deep or closed neckline. Colorless stones and crystals of blue colors are suitable for a variety of tissue colors. This necklace is not ashamed to wear for going to an expensive restaurant, party, wedding or prom.white gold blue topaz necklace

Blue topaz necklaces of thin threads with blue topaz are best combined with summer dresses and blouses. This accessory will emphasize the femininity and add the tenderness to the image. The classic black dress more fits with a necklace with a colorless or light blue topaz, for such outfit it is worth to use together complete with a bracelet. An elegant suit with a skirt can be supplemented with a massive product with large crystals of topaz and earrings or clips.

The secret of blue topaz necklaces is one of the most wonderful combinations. A noble shine of gold and artfully captivating brilliance of faceted stones create an absolute harmony. It is necessary to pay tribute to the skill of jewelers, showing the beauty of the mineral, which in its unprocessed form is not so impressive.

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