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Bridal Set Rings types and pictures

It is known to everyone that bridal set rings are one of the most integral parts of any marriage. Though this concept first originated in Europe, it has now spread across almost each and every country. The only thing that differs is the style of wearing them as every country has a different culture. For example, in some countries engagement ring is worn on left hand and in some it is meant to be worn on the ring finger of right hand.  In the USA an engagement ring was primarily worn by the bride, but after 20th century the trend has changed and now both the bride and the groom wear it.  Though it is customary to wear one to show the bond of love between the couple, previously it was also a sign of earnest money. A ring for the bride was also presented as the betrothal gift by a man to his intending spouse. So as the country changes, the culture and the customs also change, and hence the use of this ring changes accordingly. But it is unarguable that now it has become a must have custom to present and exchange the bridal set rings, sometimes at the time of engagement or sometimes on the day of marriage.

bridal set ringsbridal set rings

Bridal set rings for him & her

The bridal set rings are nothing but a pair of rings for both the bride and the groom which they exchange at the time of their engagement or marriage ceremony. Various designs of bridal set rings are available in stores and one can choose the ones the couple likes. The style of rings which are worth mentioning are,

  • Claddagh ring – a traditional ring of Ireland, often worn or given as a wedding ring.
  • Dearest ring –  a ring containing stones, getting the acronym DEAREST
  • Regards ring – a ring containing stones, getting the acronym REGARDS.
  • Gimmal ring- It is a multi-part ring used for engagement/wedding, popular and fashionable in Europe.
  • Tension ring – modern mount style band which is now very popular.
  • Tiffany mount – way of setting gems in the ring and can be studded with diamond or any other gemstone.

diamond wedding ring setdiamond wedding ring set

But when we talk about a bridal ring for a woman, it has to be different and vivid because ornaments are one of the precious friends of a woman which are used for beautifying them. So it has to be gorgeous and highly creative. The designs and styles which can be the subject matter of discussion in bridal rings for woman are:

  • Solitaire with Side Accents. With a big diamond in the center as its focus, additional extra little accent diamonds are also there to create a big look.
  •  Bridal Set – It is a magnificent creation with radiant diamonds, both the wedding ring and the engagement ring are paired and created to complement each other.
  • Trio –  symbolize matrimonial commitment. It includes both the engagement and wedding ring for women.
  •  Three Stone Ring – designed to celebrate your romantic journey, a 3  stone ring represents  together: present, past and future.

Here mentioned styles are a few of the lot. You must also browse for more styles and designs on the internet and can even choose to have a custom made bridal set rings for your partner and you.

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