Canary Diamond Engagement Rings for Glamorous Brides

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Canary Diamond Engagement Rings

8 Photos of the Canary Diamond Engagement Rings for Glamorous Brides

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During last years an engagement ring usually has a large diamond. Despite amazing sapphires, rubies and emeralds, still favorite stone is a brilliant. More interesting today are the colored gems. In nature, diamonds are in variety of colors. Canary diamond engagement rings take a special place among the popular colored jewelry.

“Canary” is the brightest shade of the yellow stone. This stone symbolizes the affection and love, it attracts sympathy and positive feelings and, on the contrary, eliminates the negativity (anger and hatred of others).

Diamonds of the canary color are extremely rare. Apparently, this name was given because of the similarity of the lemon-colored minerals with canary feathers. The range of colors can vary from dark to light yellow and often they have impurities of other colors: brown, orange or green. They are very highly valued, because of the rarity and that they are often found just in nature than in the mines, . So the price of canary diamond engagement rings reaches very high prices.

Canary diamonds are obtained when in the process of forming are added additional elements. The mixing with nitrogen in the formation gives yellow canary color for the stone.

Because of its extreme rarity yellow diamonds cost even more than white diamonds. The amount of nitrogen in each diamond is different, so stones are all special in their own look, which also increases their value. That is why having a diamond rings of the canary color you will certainty know that this stone is really unique and no one can have such a ring.canary yellow engagement rings

In addition, canary diamonds from mines are often not as bright yellow and are not as expensive as those that are found simply in the ground. These gems are valued by the color saturation. The more intense and bright color is more expensive. Often bright canary diamonds are in great demand, as they are more sparkle. Thanks to this play of light canary diamonds are in great demand in the creating of engagement rings. Bright canary diamond engagement rings with unusual colors can easily make a bride special.

In the fashion jewelry, there is an unwritten rule that if a transparent diamond is perfect insert for white gold, so canary diamonds are often combined with the precious metal of the similar color. Yellow diamond is very good in yellow gold. Warm light crystals are emphasized by a soft sheen rim, allowing to contemplate the wonderful stone in all its glory.

The cut also plays a great role in the appearance and value of the canary diamond ring. The stone’s brilliance depends on the correctness of cut. With its help jewelers can hide defects of a diamond, make the color brighter and give wonderful characteristics. Diamond engagement rings are usually encrusted with a single huge canary stone or harmoniously combined with small diamonds of different yellow shades.

Canary diamond engagement rings are becoming more popular every year. They are attracting the sophisticated and glamorous women, who are going to get married.

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