Cartier Engagement Rings for Bride – Very Expensive and Rare

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Cartier Engagement Rings

4 Photos of the Cartier Engagement Rings for Bride – Very Expensive and Rare

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Cartier Engagement Rings: The Eternal Sign Of Love

Cartier is one of the most coveted names in the world of jewelry making. But among all the jewelry they have created for so many years, which is worth mentioning, is the Cartier engagement rings. It is unarguably one of the best creations of them, which is designed to perfection, that it is a dream of every woman to have one. One of the most famous Cartier engagement rings is the trinity ring. Not only is this design the most sought after, there are many other designs that are notable and symbolize the wonderful creativity of Cartier.

Louis-François Cartier, the founder of the group established the organization in the year 1847 in Paris, France. Cartier is well known for their jewelry and wrist watches. It has an enthralling client base who are celebrities and people from royal families. One of the most famous owners who created the history with their creations are Louis Cartier and Pierre Cartier. They took the organization to the pinnacle of its fame. Though now Cartier  is no more a family owned organization, still they are carrying the same legend forward. This is the reason why till today every member of the royal family or every celebrity craves to be a proud owner of Cartier engagement rings.

Types of Cartier engagement rings

Cartier engagement rings are one of the finest offerings they have till today. Though the trinity ring is the most popular one in this segment, but other than that they have more to offer to suit every ones need. The ones that are worth mentioning in this category are

  • Solitaire 1895 – one of the precious yet beautiful creation of Cartier
  • Cartier Destinee – most beautiful creation with cushion cut diamonds
  •  Cartier d’Amour – its design is simple yet most classy among all.
  • Trinity Ruban – one of the best creation of trinity ring series. Its celestial beauty makes it a sign of eternal love.
  • Ballerine – the trendiest yet classy engagement ring of Cartier.
  • Three Gold – it is the bringer of the finesse of Cartier legend and is a wonderfully created engagement ring.

Cartier is one of the few names in engagement rings which have no match till date. Its century old rich history of jewelry making and a clientele of royal families and celebrities throughout the world makes it a legend in this industry. So when you are buying an engagement ring from them for your love, you are not only buying a piece of ornament for her, rather you are gifting a piece of history and love engagement ring

Cartier will always be a name in creating wonders with their offerings in jewelry designing and will be remembered as the creators of true and eternal sign of love. So whenever you think of buying an engagement ring for your loved one, think of Cartier.

Other than these Cartier engagement rings, which are worth mentioning, are love, the declaration, and C De Cartier to name a few.

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