Colored Diamond Engagement Rings: Palette of Feelings

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champagne colored diamond engagement rings

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champagne colored diamond engagement rings

Engagement rings are mostly made with colorless diamonds. They are valued much higher with the better colorless. Yellowish and brownish hues are considered less valuable. Most people choose white gems, because they show the most brilliant shine, especially on the basis of the successfully chosen precious metal. So, for colorless diamonds have to be used platinum and white gold. But in 2011, a new trend began gaining popularity: after the engagement of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, pink and generally colored diamond engagement rings came in fashion. Therefore, if you still prefer the unusual wedding rings, why not to look at the popular trend?

Colored diamonds have nothing common with colorless diamonds of a yellowish shade and poor quality. They are found in quite bright colors like pink, brown, purple, more common yellow, orange, blue.

Like roses of different colors have different meanings, colored diamonds also can express different emotions. Yellow means fun, happiness and wisdom. The metal used for the bright yellow hue depends on the desired effect: a yellow gold ring perfectly enhances the effect and give a sense of wholeness. But platinum, white gold or silver would attract attention to the stone, contrasting the colors.

Pink colored diamond engagement rings symbolize love, beauty and romantic feelings. Other value – femininity and sophistication. The best precious metal for the base is gold with a pink shade.

Some associate black with illness or death, but the black diamonds mean refinement. Black stones look great on platinum, thanks to color contrast, as well as framed by small colorless diamonds.

Diamonds of deep blue shades symbolize peace, spirituality, youth and faithfulness. Green indicates wealth, sometimes – jealousy.
Red – confidence, strength, and love. Purple gems – luxury, wealth and well-being.

Colored diamonds shine less bright than the colorless stones, so the round cut is not suitable here. The most efficient types of cut for colored diamond engagement rings are “princess” and “emerald”. Also, to emphasize the brilliance of precious stones they should be encrusted in their rings from white or bright metal.

Color of these stones is formed during the process of crystallization, depending on the materials that surround them. The yellow shade is formed due to the large influence of nitrogen, blue – boron. Other colors occur due to changes in the carbon chain during crystallization.

Colored gems are evaluated differently. The value depends on the color intensity and rarity. Some diamonds of natural shades are so rare that many jewelers have never had even a chance to use them in their collections. Because of the rarity purple shade even of a small stone may cost more than large specimens of other colors.

The world of fantasy colored diamond engagement rings is very rare and extremely unique. Unlike colorless stones which contain only various shades, the unusual colored diamonds have 12 different colors, more than 90 secondary colors, 9 intensity levels and more than 200 color combinations.

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