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Colored Engagement Rings: A New Rage

Gifting a beautiful engagement ring is all about making a mark on your engagement and leaving a good impression on your partner that will last forever. But sometimes one is not able to spend a huge amount of money in buying those precious diamond rings for her. Some people even think of buying an imitation CZ engagement ring for their engagement. But never make that mistake, because it may fool a diamond tester but not her. Do not even try to do that. Think of other options in this situation and one such option is going for colored engagement rings. Today there are lots of options available in this segment and by gifting one such ring you can make an impression without pinching your pocket.

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Though gifting colored engagement rings are affordable yet romantic enough to win the heart of your partner, but before gifting one you should have a thorough knowledge of them. One can get engagement rings of various colored stones nowadays such as black, white, green, yellow and so on. All these colors bear some significance and sometimes bear unsaid messages for the wearer, so you should choose it carefully. So let’s explore first which color bears what message and reflects your partner’s characteristics in true sense.

Black: health, fidelity, prosperity, strength, happiness
The main stones that are available in this color are onyx, black diamonds and jasper. Anyone looking to show a contemporary, chic, or sophisticated personal can wear these stones.

Brown: stability, harmony, dependability and practicality
Agate, smoky quartz and Tiger’s Eye are the most commonly used stones in this color. Brown colored stones look very beautiful. It suits the kind of people who are very down-to-earth and those who desire for something unique but not so flashy.

Red: energy, strength, love, power and passion

The most popular stones in this color are coral, garnet and ruby. Those with fiery personalities can wear it. Those red rings draw lots of attention and this rings are best suited for ambitious and outgoing people and are most suited for the spirited ones.

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Yellow: optimism, enthusiasm, sociability and playfulness
Yellow topaz, yellow sapphires, orange topaz and amber are mostly used to make engagement rings of this color. Yellow is considered as a bright and happy color and goes well with people who have uplifted personalities and an outgoing nature.

colored diamond engagement ringsGreen: balance, luck, harmony, money, fertility, and long life
Emeralds, jade and turquoise are mostly used to create green colored engagement rings. Green is a shade for the happy souls, who want a pop of color.

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Blue: loyalty, strength, truth, confidence and good health
Stones like blue topaz, Tanzanite, aquamarines and lapis Lazuli are most famous in this color. Those with an outgoing and colorful personality should wear this. Sapphires and blue topaz are most common in wedding rings. Sapphire also works well for the romantics.

colored diamond engagement ringThough each and every color has the ability to reflect the nature of the wearer, but it is not mandatory to gift colored engagement rings in accordance with their nature. Rather, you should buy one according to your partner’s tastes and preferences.

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