Contemporary Engagement Rings: Practical Advices of the Choosing

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Contemporary Engagement Rings

3 Photos of the Contemporary Engagement Rings: Practical Advices of the Choosing

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It is considered that an engagement ring firstly should express feelings of the man. Therefore, in appearance, shape, color and decoration it can be any type, there is no strict criteria for a choice. There are some practical advices of the choosing the most original and contemporary engagement rings:

Step 1: Is it comfortable to wear?

The most convenient ring is considered something that in a cross-sectional turns into the inner flat profile. The inner rim of line is well adjacent to the finger and top is slightly rounded or concave.

Other types of contemporary features:

Flat profile. The most fashionable is the cross-sectional. Wearing this ring you also be convenient, but this form is not suitable for all fingers. For example, very thin hands do not work together with clearly defined corners of the product. In this case, better to give preference for a streamlined profile or traditional form.

Convex inner. This product looks very nice, but the wearing is not very convenient. Convex inner part can slide your finger to dig in it. This profile is more appropriate for fingers or proportionate hand. By choosing this form of engagement ring, you should also keep in mind that if the future bride will lose or take an extra weight, then the product will have to be customized.

Designer profile. Many jewelers offer contemporary engagement rings of the most incredible shapes. For example, the rim can simulate the weaving “braid” or “spikelet”. In a cross section, the item has a raised convex pattern. If the relief is slight, the wearing of a ring will be comfortable. But if the ring is massive and thick, certain disadvantages may still occur. These engagement products perfectly look for lean, long, thin fingers.

Step 2: Choose the contemporary metal.

This precious metal has a unique luster, blends perfectly with the radiant glow of diamonds. This tandem gives a unique effect, whereby even small white stones seem large and shining. But if the future bride has a pale skin, thin hands, the platinum is not the best choice for her. It will emphasize the paleness of skin and thin fingers will look impersonal.

Universal metal. Gold contemporary engagement rings look great on all skin types and blends perfectly with the most stones of different colors, other precious metals. It is very easy to make an unusual shape from ductile gold. Do not forget that this metal can have several colors: pale lemon (almost white), pink, red, blue and even black. A shade depends on alloys and their amounts in the composition.

This is the only metal with virtually 100% reflective feature. It is also well shades white stones and allows to produce the product of any form. But when choosing a silver ring should bear in mind that this metal looks better on dark or well tanned skin.

Step 3: What should be the decor?

According to tradition, contemporary engagement rings should be with a stone. This can be a scattering of small stones on an elegant platinum rim or a few small stones, laid in a flower ornaments. Decoration can be anything.

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