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Today Damiani Jewelry House makes the most elegant jewels from white gold with black and white diamonds.

The history of this Jewelry House began in 1924, when Enrico Grassi Damiani opened his own little jewelry manufactory.

The Jewelry House won its popularity very fast. Enrico’s jewels were made in classical style, elegant and of high a quality. These products were in great demand of the oldest aristocratic families in Italy.

The son of the founder started to introduce new technologies, such as different effects for gemstones to shine brighter and the expansion of the brand, which brought the company the leading part in the world.

Today the president of the company is Gabriela Damiani, her son is the director and her daughter is engaged in supply celebrities with jewelry items.


Many famous people are attracted by its design and the stylistics of combining color gemstones with gold.

Damiani goldsmiths use the gemstones of a high quality. They calibrate these precious stones and check thoroughly chips and their flatness of sides.

You will never find such an ideal fastener as in Damiani rings and earrings.

There are also wonderful wedding rings, which are very popular among newlyweds.

The majority of the jewelry items are made of white gold with white, black and color diamonds, but there are also items with emeralds, sapphires, rubies and other gemstones.


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