Earrings for Guys – Style or Tradition

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Earrings for men

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Earrings for men

Modern fashion has long blurred the boundaries between the sexes, unisex style is becoming more popular every year. For us it has become common and familiar that previously seemed impossible. Women wear trousers, smoke, drive cars and do an excellent job of any man’s work. Men make manicures, wear earrings and care the skin, without losing their masculinity. It is not bad and not good, it is just completely normal today. Every year the best jewelers all over the world produce a variety models of stylish earrings for guys. However, they all have some common features:

  • Laconic – in contrast to the bright, eye-catching female earrings, male version often is small in size and has restraint performance;
  • Form – the most common men’s jewelry are stud earrings and numerous variations on the theme of the round ones;
  • The choice of metal – along with earrings from traditional gold and silver, men accessories are mostly available from metals such as tungsten or titanium, which are particularly popular in this season.

However, on the jewelry market today there is a huge selection of earrings for guys with wide variety of shapes, colors and sizes, so everyone can find the right accessories for the soul – most importantly, be patient in finding a suitable model for yourself. How to choose men earrings? In this regard, there are some general guidelines that always should be followed:

  • The model of decorations must match the type of person. The general rule is as follows: round or oval faces with soft features need miniature studs, an angular face with prominent cheekbones looks nice with not large round earrings;
  • At the height of men’s fashion are metals of silver shade. It can be white gold, silver, steel, their color scheme looks manly and stylish at the same time;
  • The selection of jewelry can be determined with the male sphere of activity.

The representatives of bohemia can afford more elaborate, colorful earrings for guys of large size, decorated with various stones and other decorative elements. If you run a business, try to stick to the style of minimalism in choosing any personal decorations.

In fact, men’s earring as a decoration for a strong half of mankind, has quite a long history. Gypsies, pirates, nomads and highwaymen considered an earring in the ear a symbol of courage and valor. Wearing such jewelry has been an honor for them. For a long time men earrings have been considered a privilege, and only later – women, and in the late 20th century they became popular among both sexes.

Earrings for guys are considered a talisman. Among different nations it could serve as a symbol of belonging to a particular family or clan, a sign that the man who wore it, was the only breadwinner in the family. Among other things, earrings often acted as a talisman, they protect against the evil eye, disease and spoilage. In today’s world, such a decoration is typical, especially for young people. Young men tend to desire for self-realization, a challenge to society.

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