Elegant Amethyst Jewelry for Real Admirers

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Women can hardly resist the temptation to buy a gold amethyst ring or gold amethyst earrings when seeing them. Due to the admixture of iron amethyst has a lilac tone. This gemstone can lose its intensity of color when being under the direct sun rays for a long time. The most exclusive amethysts are from Brazil and Ural. Ural amethysts are rare as there is a small amount of them in nature. Brazilian amethysts have a lighter color and they are widely used in jewelry.

These gemstones can have different cuts. Diamond cut and trap cut are the most popular. Amethyst looks gorgeous with white gold, but other colors of this precious metal suits to this gemstone too. In former times amethyst jewelry was made only for royal and noble families. Only after the 18th century it became more widespread. Nowadays, amethyst jewelry can be found in every jewelry shop. It has the most gorgeous view with diamond-placer, but the variant with phianite-placer looks beautiful too. Amethyst is also decorated with other Gems, such as topaz, garnet and emerald.




This precious stone brings happiness and health to its owner. Thoughts become clear and bright. Amethyst is especially valuable for lovers, as it strengthens the spiritual connection. A woman, who wears amethyst jewelry casts a spell and has magical aura. This gemstone is a powerful mascot. In old times people believed that it could protect from evil spirits and help women to forget their unhappy love.

Amethyst is a type of quartz and can be given more intense and bright color. Its color changes depending on ambient light. The color spectrum is unevenly distributed in this gemstone; there are always more and less bright parts. It is not difficult and pleasant for a goldsmith to work with amethyst. It is hard enough and is easy to be fixed in jewelry of any complexity. Amethyst looks wonderful and brings pleasure to its owner, no matter what size it has. Present your soul mate with amethyst jewelry and it will change her for the better.


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