Elegant Engagement Rings – 7 Tips for Choosing

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elegant engagement rings

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Choosing the most elegant engagement rings you should to determine for themselves, from what metal it need to be made from? Think about whether you prefer the stones to be in the rings? How wide you prefer the ring to be: thin, delicate or more massive?

Traditionally, for the manufacture of elegant rings brides chose yellow gold, but during last years a popular trend is using other colors and materials in creating rings of an elegant style: yellow gold – the most traditional; a ring from platinum – traditional, but is particularly refined; a ring from pink gold is refined and reminiscent of the retro style; white gold is an original way; rings with diamond – aristocratic and romantic.

The combination of different metals in rings are rapidly gaining the popularity. The using different metals meet the most extraordinary demanding requirements of customers. These elegant engagement rings are original, bright and beautiful. In such rings for an engagement can be used non-traditional gold: green, blue, purple and even black. The combination of different metals can created for every taste.

  • If you want classic elegant gold rings, consider the shape and thickness that you like. The profile of the ring may also be different, chosen to your taste and sensation. Try on several rings, see how they look on the hand and whether they are perfect for you personally.
  • If you prefer a jewelry ring with a stone, read bout this stone and if it is right for you. Think what structure and color of the stone you mostly like. Too large stones can cling to clothes, so you have to feel comfortable and convenient.
  • Of course, it is really well if you have similar views with your future husband, but if you did not find similar rings, the jewelers can offer you a ring that will overlap in design or materials. Then the man may choose a more rigorous version of the ring and a woman – her perfect style.

simple elegant engagement ringsWhat you should pay attention to?

  • Avoid complex forms of rings. Elegant engagement rings should not cling to clothes, remember that you wear it not only at the wedding day, but also the rest of life, the ring must be comfortable to wear: it must hold tight, do not fly, but still do not push.
  • Remember that in the cold weather the thickness of a finger narrows, and in the heat expands on the contrary, so do not take the ring too abutting. The ring should be slightly loose, but do not fall down from your finger. Before fitting the rings it is not recommended to use too much water, because it is possible a puffiness.
  • Think about the sample. The higher sample has the higher cost. Note that the 14k rings are very strong and do not lose their color, 18k are somewhat brighter, but are more susceptible to deformation.
  • Be aware of the thickness of the finger and hand shape. On thin fingers look good subtle elegant engagement rings, on the larger – the average thickness of the ring. Some rings may look attractive, but will not perfectly suit you, so be sure to take on this jewelry and choose the most elegant one just for you.

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