Emerald Drop Earrings – the Embodiment of Femininity

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Emerald Drop Earrings

13 Photos of the Emerald Drop Earrings – the Embodiment of Femininity

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During more than one decade drop earrings used to be one of the most popular varieties of women’s styles of earrings. The constant attention of designers and demand of the ladies of various ages have turned it into a classic decoration. Perhaps the laconismthis of the form of drop earrings, especially emphasizing the femininity contributed to this. The most popular variant of these earrings are the emerald drop earrings, especially with gold.

It is a stone of ancient gods and emperors. It is granting the owner the ability to see the essence of things. Modern admirers of emeralds appreciate these gems by quite different criteria. The main ones are the purity of the stone, cut, bezel and, of course, its incredible regal beauty!

Large emeralds, weighing more than five carats, with densely saturated colors, are more expensive than diamonds. The brighter color of emerald is more expensive than the dark one. Emeralds are not nothing but a transparent variety of beryl of the aquamarine color. Because of the purity and transparency of cold green it is called the “green ice”.Emerald earrings with diamonds

When purchasing emerald drop earrings, remember that these stones have medicinal and magical properties. It has long been believed that an emerald gives strength and inspiration, gives the gift of foresight, relieves depression and insomnia of its owner. But the main purpose of this magic stone is saving its owner from bad habits. It is very useful to wear for liars, swindlers and people who are unfaithful in love.

Green color affects peacefully, gives a sense of freshness and coolness. Nature has given us so many beautiful colors that emerald earrings that can be picked up by every girl. Gold drop earrings with pale green emeralds will suit for a young girl. They emphasize the tenderness and fragility females. At the same time – slightly mark the rigor and integrity. A young woman will look perfect with red gold earrings with emeralds. This noble metal will add richness for the stone. A woman will always look attractive and sexy.

Emerald drop earrings are the shine and royal dignity, chic and delicate taste. With such a decoration, you will feel comfortable at all the society parties. The same can be said about the earrings with white gold, adorned with emeralds, diamonds and tourmaline. They, in addition, will give a chic and enticing romance for your image.Emerald teardrop earrings

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