Emerald engagement rings green stones for her wedding

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11 Photos of the Emerald engagement rings green stones for her wedding

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Emerald Engagement Rings – The Green Stone Says It All

After centuries of seamless and traditional white diamonds, here come the green, posh and consummate emerald engagement rings. So make your wedding ceremony a lot more special by putting that green and classy emerald ring on her finger.

The precious emerald stone, popularly known as a gemstone, was traditionally believed to hold infinite importance as it was believed to bring the luck to the wearer.  But lately, the emerald stone is being put to some better uses, such as being carved into a beautiful diamond and placed into  emerald engagement rings. For those who do not settle for ordinary or common things, an emerald engagement ring is best suited for them.

Due to the ample supply of rough emerald stones, emerald rings are not too highly-priced. One can pick an emerald ring and yet stick to his budget. In fact, the solitaire is usually priced even lower than the other diamonds selling in the market for the same reason because of its abundance.

Who doesn’t like a majestic green and affordable ring resting on their hand and yet flawlessly beautiful? Besides, its luster and grace, the green emerald engagement rings hold a meaning which makes them even more preferable and attractive for the consumer to buy. The precious little stone looks wonderfully beautiful with a ring band of any color.

For those, who only prefer diamonds and not any other gemstones like emerald, ruby or sapphire, there are emerald cut diamond rings. These rings are made of diamonds, but with the cut and finesse of an emerald.

However, there are a few things that only traditional diamonds can have. Despite the beauty and grace of an emerald engagement ring, durability is an issue. Earlier, gemstones were believed to be rare, beautiful and durable, but now-a-days there are modern mining procedures that affect the quality of the gemstones, thereby making them less durable than they were believed to be.

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Many merchants still recommend only diamonds and not any other gemstones – be it sapphires or emeralds. The problem with the emerald is that it can be used occasionally and cannot be worn for daily use. An emerald ring has to be routinely taken care of with oils and fractures filling substances to hide its inclusions. Plus, due to its fragile nature, an emerald ring has to be duly taken care of so that it does not chip away.

But many people are increasingly switching over to emerald engagement rings despite its various drawbacks. Agreed, there are numerous risks associated with the emerald rings, but there is no compromise in the beauty and magnificence of these rings. As suggested by the experts, if you still go for an emerald ring at your wedding ceremony, you may choose a ring that has several small emeralds and not one single stone. This way, if you need to replace it occasionally, and the cost of replacing would be significantly low.

After all, it’s your special day, so choose wisely.

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