Engagement and Wedding Ring Sets: How to Combine

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A wedding ring is a symbol of true love, trust, understanding and loyalty. The presence of this wedding accessory allows to show for others how seriously lovers refer for given promises to each other. However, we should not forget about another charming decoration – an engagement ring that the groom gives his beloved before the ceremony, asking for her hand. Not all girls want to part with this sophisticated and often expensive product after the marriage. Is it possible to use the engagement and wedding ring sets, and how to do it?

After the marriage, an engagement ring is even placed in a jewelry box and is put on only at anniversaries, but in recent years increasingly brides prefer to wear both accessories on the same finger. Some people think that a wedding ring must be placed closer to the heart, at the base of the finger. Others always wear this jewelry in accordance with the chronological sequence – the engagement, then the wedding. It have to be noted that not all jewelry look good together, so the newlyweds should take care of it and to pick up the rings, made in the same style. As a rule, the most profitable is the combination of two decorations with not too overloaded design.

Thanks to the spread of this trend, many jewelers increasingly create special engagement and wedding ring sets. Such paired rings do not conflict and perfectly complement each other, forming a common expressive composition. So the similarity of these accessories do not have to be obvious and evident: decorations can vary with the color, the presence of precious stones or nuances of forms. The sense of integrity of such an ensemble sometimes is achieved due to the smallest details, like the texture of the surface or general line of basics.gold and diamond wedding ring sets

The particular interesting for many newlyweds is seemed the variant of engagement and wedding ring sets, implying the possibility of a physical connection of one product with another: an accessory worn during the engagement period is not replaced later, but complemented by a pair product at the ceremony. Thus, at the ceremony two decorations are combined into one and produce an even more impressive look than each individually. Thanks to the ingenuity of modern jewelers, bride will not have to doubt that each of these accessories will be her daily decoration. The providing of such an opportunity is allowed by the ingenuity of designers, who have created jewelry in this way that the couple could connect them together at the right time.

Even if the future spouses are quite satisfied with single rings, paired wedding accessories, as well as engagement and wedding ring sets, may surprise the bride and groom. The sublime symbolism, impeccable style and outstanding quality of these decorations will produce a strong impression on all participants of the wedding ceremony and will always attract the attention of others, clearly pointing to the strong bond that unites the lovers. There is no better way to emphasize the importance of the indissoluble matrimony of the happy couple.

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