Floating Diamond Necklaces – Miracle of Jewelry

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Diamonds are really extraordinary in its beauty stones that shimmer with shades of all colors. They are considered the best gifts for sweetheart women. But men also will not remain indifferent to a gift with diamonds. A real miracle is considered the jewelry items that are decorated with unusual stones – floating diamonds, especially floating diamond necklaces. This term very accurately emphasizes their non-trivial decor.

Floating diamonds are designed for those who appreciate and love the luxury. Stones do not float in the water, but in a special transparent fluid, which is filled in small spheres and other containers. There is one or even a few diamonds inside that are not fixed there. Stones are free to move, change the location and roll over. Due to this, they began to shine anew each time more spectacular, glittering brightly. Even those who completely do not like diamonds, at the sight of such a luxury of unique floating diamond necklaces can not remain indifferent.

Today, the product with floating diamonds are produced by many jewelry companies, but the “Chopard” was the first one and now is a respected and very well-known brand. The history of the world famous company began more than 150 years ago. Its activity began with the manufacture of watches. Such a method of jewelry design as “floating diamonds” came up with a talented designer Ronald Kurowski. He was so inspired by the mobility and brilliance of diamonds without a frame, which reminded him the movement of water droplets. He wanted to perpetuate such a beauty and very soon, Ronald found a way to do it. So his watches were decorated with floating diamonds. Soon the technology of the company was successfully used not only in watches, but also in rings and necklaces. And invented by Ronald Kurowski floating diamonds are a business card of the brand.necklace with floating diamonds

Floating diamonds have a huge success, but not all companies can cope with the implementation of this technology into practice. Therefore, the most expensive products with floating diamonds are jewelry products of Choprad. Not everybody can afford it because of the cost, but you can always find a budget option in other jewelry companies.

However, other jewelry companies have used the new design of floating diamond necklaces, that captivate with its dazzling light and shimmering reflected light. Such a necklace looks especially nice when it has a lot of diamonds, floating together they create a magical play of light and fascinating shimmer.

The red carpet, social events, attention of television cameras and photo shoots in glossy magazines – all this simply requires the celebrities to look stunning. Necklaces with floating diamond may help them to shine everywhere. Stars mainly choose bright necklaces with floating diamonds of big sizes.

Floating diamond necklaces are mostly represented in white, yellow or red gold. A gold necklace with a diamond remains one of the most frequently purchased decoration as a gift, especially popular with heart pendant floating diamond.

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