Flower Engagement Rings – Unfading Jewelry Luxury

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10 Photos of the Flower Engagement Rings – Unfading Jewelry Luxury

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Flowers are the recognized symbol of affection during long time. In the new season floral motifs are used by many jewelry designers for creating the exciting jewelry collections. Flower engagement rings are the real embodiment of the spring garden.

The fashion jewelry changes regularly, but the ring with “flower” shape every year is gaining a great popularity. Designers make special emphasis on the natural beauty of plants, recreating it in precious stones and metals of the rings.

Flower engagement rings – the delicate grace of nature.

Actually natural buds used to be the first women’s jewelry, with their help ladies emphasized their charm in the stone age. The genetic memory is a great thing, maybe because of this fact today floral motifs are so popular among jewelry designers. Exquisite “flower” rings with an enviable constancy appear in the collections of the most famous brands (Tiffany & Co, Vera Wang, Theo Fennell, Danhov) and are the beauty of fashion jewelry.

Rings with flowers – the dream of perfection.
Jewellery rings were born in ancient times. First, they informed the world about the status of its owner, then there were the family rings – a symbol of belonging to a certain aristocratic family. Over the centuries the frame became more massive, stones – larger and the cost of products – much higher.

At the end of the XIX century the humanity turned the attention to the natural beauty on thin female fingers – first sparkle gold rings with flowers. How stricter and easier became ladies’ dresses, the jewels were more graceful. Today, their main task – to emphasize the delicate artistic taste of the owner and her perfect elegance.

In the soul of every woman is smoldering a light of primitive magic, which is fed by the power of nature. So gold flower engagement rings can not be just a beautiful gift, but a real talisman for the beloved. The main thing is finding a piece of jewelry that will be congenial for the future owner.flower wedding rings

The unfading luxury – a ring in the shape of flower.
Even the most elegant floristic composition, despite its sophistication and high price, has a serious disadvantage – its life is not long term. That is why buying a ring in the shape of a flower for a darling woman is the perfect solution. This beauty will be remained forever, recalling the feelings of the man many years after the wedding.

Making a choice of the decoration for engagement celebration, it should be noted – a ring in the shape of flower does not recognize the competition. Selecting flashy accessories like wonderful and chic engagement ring in the shape of a flower, decorated with a beautiful scattering of diamonds, women have to refuse from other catchy decorations. An amazing bud from gold and gems claims on the undivided attention. Additional bright decorations will be too much.

Gentle golden stalks of edelweiss with sapphire petals, precious roses, lilies, peonies, studded with diamonds – from these buds will not refuse any woman.

Many celebrities for special day in their life prefer flower engagement rings. For example, today rings with floral designs entwine fingers of Paris Hilton, Gwen Stefani and Madonna.

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