Gemstone bracelets – Fashion Accessories that complement the outfit

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Gemstone bracelets

12 Photos of the Gemstone bracelets – Fashion Accessories that complement the outfit

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Bracelets appeared in people’s lives more than 2.5 million years ago. In those days, they were made from scrap materials – bark, grass, animal skin. Bracelets used to have an extremely magical significance – they had to protect its owner from the negative impact of external forces, disease, spirits, enemies, various misfortunes. With the advent of precious metals and stones, gemstone bracelets began to acquire a completely different function. They have been used exclusively as decorations able once again to emphasize the status of the owner, the belonging to a certain social class and level of well-being. These bracelets are decorated with various precious stones, set in precious metals – silver, gold and platinum.

Nowadays, bracelets, where noble metals have merged into a single unit with beautiful colored gemstones, are in a great demand among young girls and women. Now bracelets from amulets and items that highlight the status of its owner, turned into fashion accessories that complement the outfit, the natural beauty, charm and grace. Gemstone bracelets in the same way as the rings are a symbol of loyalty, love and friendship. That is why, bracelets are often bought as gifts to loved ones.

The most popular is the combination of noble shine yellow or white gold with bright, saturated colors of such stones like a ruby, sapphire or emerald. Than more deep and rich color of a gemstone is, so more rare and therefore expensive it is in fact. Decorations, combining a large number of precious stones are especially valued.gemstone stretch bracelets

Gemstone bracelets with several blue topaz, connected in a single chain look very gently. A spectacular decoration can be a bracelet with bright, saturated grenades. Sapphires or emeralds shine perfectly underscore the depth and brightness of the eyes of their owners.

Bracelets with diamond inserts are the most exquisite and expensive jewelry. These gems symbolize strength, power, glamor, luxury. Special ways of cut diamonds make them incredibly sparkling, bright and sunny. A diamond put in gold exchanges with brilliance and color, merges together.

Although diamonds are attractive themselves, bracelets, where they are combined with colored gemstones are not less popular. It seems that no other stones can emphasize so rich natural color of rubies, sapphires, emeralds, as do diamonds. The answer is simple: on the one hand, these transparent stones allocate a gem and, on the other hand, reflecting with facets its shinning, they visually increase its size.

Fashion is moving forward rapidly and fashion jewelry is not far behind it. Modern fashion trends insist on the rejection of strict classical forms and offer increasingly sophisticated designs, bold combinations, fresh ideas.

Now it is very fashionable to wear several thin bracelets, decorated with precious inserts. This trend can be safely followed by a young girl, bold and confident in her beauty and irresistibility. Ladies of an elegant age can be advised with more massive, tight-fitting gemstone bracelets, with a focus on one major jewel in the center, which beauty and exclusivity will emphasize a scattering of smaller stones around.

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