Halo Diamond Engagement Rings – Large and Bold Models

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Halo diamond engagement rings with pave setting

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Halo diamond engagement rings with pave setting

Today halo diamond engagement rings are becoming popular. This is a large and bold model. These rings can easily become a family heirloom and passed from mother to daughter. Their rich beauty is timeless and is not weakened by the vagaries of fashion.

The main gem in a halo ring can be of any size and shape. Metal may also be selected to your taste. Small diamonds are arranged one behind the other, surrounding the central diamond. So the jewelers add the weight of the big stone, visually increasing its size. All gems are faceted in the same process, but the most amazing are those models where the jewelers have departed from this rule.

The look of such decorations can be very different, because it all depends on the cut of the central gemstone. Typically, this method of inlayis is used in rings for engagement.

Round halo diamond engagement rings look nice and immediately attract the eye. A form of small stones significantly affects on the look of the ring. A round diamond inlaid with small ones have a look of the french classic and sophisticated style. It turns decoration in the art deco style, and halo inlay enhances the shine of the central large stone.

The same applies to other diamond cut depending on the halo style, it can either emphasize or change the look of the central gemstone. Halo inlay in micropave enhances sharp corners of the “princess” cut gem and increases its size.

The size of the jewel and its shine without necessarily large central stone – these is the distinctive feature of the vintage style of the halo. Halo engagement rings are significant trends of the last ten years. Nevertheless, the fashion for them among celebrities decreases and goes out of fashion from the discharge of classic category. This style is good for those couples who can not afford traditional large central stone in the ring, but they still want a ring that does not loose an elegance with smaller diamonds.

If there are less diamonds, so more metal should be in the ring – this is the principle of halo diamond engagement rings. If you look at this jewel from a distance, it will be seemed like a classic diamond, but near it is noticeable that this effect is created by a halo style.

The uniqueness today is becoming increasingly important when picking up a wedding ring. Recently there has been the interest for colored gemstones more than diamonds. Rings decorated with sapphires, emeralds, rubies and diamonds of various colors are in demand. Women more prefer to personalize their rings for engagement.

If you prefer to find for an inspiration from the celebrities, the fans of halo diamond engagement rings among them are Natalie Portman, who is the owner of an amazing ring with a double halo, and Scarlett Johansson, whose ring for engagement is decorated with a round diamond solitaire, set on the band encrusted with diamonds. Many celebrities choose a halo ring style as wedding decorations. For example, Kate Bosworth has chosen two wedding rings Ocappi, decorated with diamonds in the art deco style.

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