Heart locket necklace – Mystery Jewelry with the secret

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Heart locket necklace for couples

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Heart locket necklace for couples

A nice gift, which may be the addition to your image and also express your originality, will be a nice souvenir as heart locket necklace.

This is not only a stylish decoration, but it also has a secret and even mystery. Today, girls are just in love with a wonderful jewelry of heart locket necklace.

The history of locket pendants is associated with the ban on wearing the same locket rings. Rings with a secret were not allowed to wear at the Medici and Borgia times. These royal families lost many members. They were poisoned. Malefactors used to hide the poison in the opening rings. When the “focus” was discovered, such a decoration was banned. Meanwhile, the palace intrigues were still there. Murders were still planned. Criminals started ordering the pendants with a secret. They began to wear the poison in such locket necklaces.

The “birth” date of the opening pendants confirms the oldest of them. The showpiece is dated with the Middle Ages. The metal part of decoration is one piece. The hidden cavity is in a large stone, fixed to the front suspension. A crystal is sawn so that the connection is closed, the halves of the mineral are not visible. This pendant is on the exposure of the Florence palace, now issued as a museum.

Such jewelry was invented for vile affairs, but began to be used for intimate. Aristocracy realized that they could hide in the jewelers creation not only toxic substances, but also to hide from prying eyes a portrait of a loved one or a lock of his hair. The royal families used to get married for political rather than sensual reasons, so mystery pendants were relevant.

Opening pendants and medallions at the end of the Middle Ages retrained from the decorations to the insignia. Such pendants were awarded to distinguished warriors, palace people. Especially sailors were appreciated with such insignia. Going on a long journey, they placed the hair of wives, children, the particles of their clothes in these necklaces. These elements became the only reminder of the house on the sea space.

It is interesting that with the opening pendants Faberge began his career. No, he did not create masterpieces from metals and stones. Simply, the famous master of eggs originally made them as pendants. Jewellery were seemed for customers too massive, they were used for the interiors, as souvenirs. Sensing the mood of the public, Faberge stopped doing model-pendants.

It is unknown who made the first heart locket necklace. This model became much more popular than eggs. Moreover, today sentimental samples occupy a leading position in the demand among all pendants with a secret. Jewelry design symbolizes the affection and love. An opening heart pendant is given to children, friends, lovers. Inside can be placed pictures of close by blood or spirit people. This ritual suggests that people inside are not only important, but also the heart of the owner of this necklace.

Everyone may order a special heart locket necklace with a photo inside and the embossed on the lid about the eternal love and ardent feelings. A girl will be wearing it for years and always remember this memorable day and your joint boundless happiness.

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