Heart Pendant Necklaces: Show Your Romantic Feelings

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Heart Pendant Necklace

10 Photos of the Heart Pendant Necklaces: Show Your Romantic Feelings

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Heart pendant necklaces are a very powerful amulet. For the real thing the best protection from evil and cold can give the item that personally has a special meaning for the owner. And what may be compared to the symbolism of a gift that shows the love itself?

The first gold pendants, designed to emphasize the immutability of feelings, loyalty and heart thrill, appeared in the Middle Ages. Sometimes they were even made with a secret, putting the curl of a lover or drop of his blood inside them. And maybe the church did not approve of such a fetishism, but the faith was never a barrier of passionate feelings.

An elegant gold heart, according to the ancient inhabitants of the East and West, defended primarily family relationships. Beautiful ladies used to give such a decoration to their knights, going to the Crusades, in the hope that the jewelry masterpiece will prevent a spouse from swords or arrows.

The mystic power of the metal was also kept in mind – gold has always patronized soldiers. After mankind learned the faceting of diamonds, heart pendant necklaces with diamonds came into fashion – the stone strengthened a sense of magic talisman. On the one hand, it was making its owner braver and stronger, and the other – it was an amulet from the evil spell, disease and helped to bring a good luck. Diamond has another amazing feature – this stone enhances feelings of spouses, returning an old ardor for relations and brightness of sensations. So a pendant in the heart shape, studded with diamonds is the perfect gift for the person in the marriage during a lot of warm and happy years.yellow gold diamond heart pendant

Heart-shaped gold pendants decorated with precious stones are a real godsend for those who are searching for a way to the original declaration of love! The gold itself softens the female heart, and gold pendants in the form of heart with diamonds or other precious stones, will guarantee that you will be heard.

The most popular are heart pendant necklaces from the Tiffany brand. Its jewelry is always beautiful, stylish, unique and perfect. In each collection, a special attention should be paid to the necklaces and especially the heart pendant. It can be simple and elegant or childishly playful. It combines a classic precious metal and unrivaled chic style. It is easy to look wonderful using such products not only for girls living on Manhattan.

Also remember that heart pendant necklaces are perfect gifts for Valentine’s Day or wedding anniversary. It is hard to find a girl who will not be happy to get such a necklase from the hands of a loved one. Sometimes these decorations are further coated with an engraving that contains the vows and promises. But heart pendants themselves are highly symbolic. A pendant of two heart halves should be bought for newlyweds or betrothed, it can be also used to admit in liking the beloved wife or to thank for spent years together. A heart of gold is a symbol of passion, tenderness, understanding and trust. It is a talisman, which will protect everyone who believes in love and is ready to save it.

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