Heart shaped diamond rings – join your hearts forever

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Like a teardrop diamond shape, the “heart” gem is really one of difficult forms of a stone, just because it requires sacrificing of carats for creating intricate shapes. The correlation has to be perfectly accurate to obtain a symmetrical heart – if jewelers make too narrow facet, this gem will look unnaturally stretched and too wide, so the heart will seem awkward. Such a stone is pretty rare, so holders of heart shaped diamond rings can surely be proud of them. This is another relatively new kind of pear-shaped stone processing – really romantic shape.

Positive aspects of this shape is the possibility to hide flaws and highlight only the stone dignity. So, the mineral is cleaved in the center, forming the contours of the eternal significant of love and passion.

Basically thus treated stones are used by jewelers in pendants, necklaces and earrings. At least heart shaped diamond rings look great too. This acquisition is a lovely romantic gift. Pay thoughtful attention to gem center, which is splitting into half of the heart. Its external line has to differ with the clarity and smooth, the ratio of length and width has to be 1:1. By purchasing a heart gemstone it is required to look how evenly and clearly its lines are delineated, since the external look of the heart gem is mostly dependent on the quality of the master cutter work. Because of this form multiplicity, there must be skillful cutting to give the stone a proper shine.

The buyer should attentively look at the length and width of the gemstone should be equal. There may be allowed to change the ratio of length and width, but the shape of the heart varies in this way. For example, this ratio may be 0.75 and 1.25. In the first case, the heart is wide at the top, but in the next variant it will be elongated.

Heart shaped diamond rings

Heart shaped diamond rings

The bottom and top parts need to be carefully cut. The upper part should have 33 or 34 facets, when the lower must have 23 facets. The angle of the upper portion may vary from 32 to 36 degrees. It is is required that the girdle thickness does not exceed 2,2%.

By its look and method of cut, the heart looks like the pear or teardrop faceting, only has a sweet cleft on its head. The quality of the cut determines the presence of symmetry between the heart sides. The color of faceted heart diamonds also influence on the price, since the color is enriched just right in the corners of the stone.

But not only the obligatoriness for love romance inspired cutters to develop a new wonderful way of the diamond processing. Technically demanding heart diamond shape wonderfully masks all the qualitative defects of a gemstone and shows us only the splendor of precious heart shaped diamond rings. It is quite expensive type of stone shape.

Heart is a real symbol of unconditional love and it could be strange if it did not find application in the most romantic stone – diamond. The perfect way to confess true love – offer to join your hearts forever, unite the couple with their spiritual bonds, giving heart shaped diamond rings.

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