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Mature and independent women always prefer to wear garnet jewelry. It looks very chick and expensive. Usually this gemstone is combined with red gold to show all its beauty and a trick of the light.

Many mystical legends and stories are connected with garnet. One day the jewelry store was robbed. The garnet ring was also stolen. When the thief began to examine the stolen jewelry, he was very surprised because the ring lost its beauty: the precious stone lost its color and was dark. Sometime later, when all the jewelry was back to its owner, the garnet was bright and beautiful again.

Garnet rings and earrings help to improve one’s health as they have strong energy.


This gemstone also helps young ladies to find their real love. But you should be careful, as garnet reveals hidden passion and desire.

Today, this precious stone is also made from synthetic materials. Such stones have nothing in common with natural garnets, but their price is much lower and their color is almost the same. The natural gemstone is rather expensive: its price varies from 15 to 100 dollars per carat.

Not only women, but men also wear garnet rings. Such people are wise and reasonable. This gemstone only intensifies their aura and self-confidence.

Garnets can be of different colors: form light to dark with brown and bloody hue. The dark gemstones are more preferable, they are noble and more expensive.

Natural garnet is a very hard gemstone, so it is pleasure for jewelers to work with it. It is easy to fix in jewelry and has no cracks and chips.

Garnet rings or earrings would be a wonderful gift, which brings new emotions and feelings. The owner of this jewelry would stand out in a crowd. This precious stone would emphasize his or her special status.


One should ask for a certificate when buying garnet. An average man wouldn’t differ a real gemstone from a fake.

Take care of garnet jewelry in a proper way, and it will delight the eye for many years.

Never wash it with different cleansers as it may become dark and scratched. If this occurred, you can always go to jewelry repair shop and remedy the situation.

Garnet jewelry is irresistible and attracts attention of people.


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