Ruby Rings for Women is Magnificent and Majestic

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ruby ring for women

12 Photos of the Ruby Rings for Women is Magnificent and Majestic

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Red ruby rings for women – it is magnificent

Ruby rings for women are very popular and because of this, they are specially cut in different shapes and sizes.

These are mined in many parts of the world, including India, Sri Lanka, Ceylon, Australia, Kenya, Tanzania, Afghanistan, Thailand, Pakistan, and the USA. However, it is considered that the finest quality of ruby is mined in Burma and is known as ‘Pigeon Blood’ because of its deep, rich, red colour. But strangely enough they are the only ones which have a touch of blue within them.

Ruby rings for women are on sale worldwide and depending on where it is purchased, the quality of the rubies, its surrounding features and other factors, the cost cannot really be compared from country to country.  By surrounding features I am referring to how it is set, not just its shape, but is it set in gold, silver, white gold or a mixture of silver and gold, these elements being of different quality and even colour in various countries, but  everything is designed  for beauty and perfection and of course to suit every woman’s  taste.

The regal ruby is considered to be the perfect stones to have set into a diamond ring, for the clear diamonds bring out the majestic red rubies, as we have often seen, as they sparkle away in various shaped Engagement and Eternity rings.

The setting of the ruby stone is most important, and for this purpose, some rubies are not just cut in a pear shape, but cut in an elongated pear shape, this is to make the wearer’s finger look longer.

The ruby stone is considered a gem of true passion, of smouldering desire and most importantly; it has been treasured for many of years.

ruby rings for women

On the Gregorian calendar of 1582, introduced by Pope Gregory XIII, the ruby is considered the birth stone of those born during the months of June and July, so should your special woman have a birthday, or should your wedding anniversary occur at this time; a ruby ring would make the ideal gift.

Rubies, as mentioned before, can be cut into any shape and size, including those of oval, round, square, heart and pear shaped, each as beautiful and stunning to wear as the next, no matter which shape you choose for yourself, or your loved ones choose to present to you.

Ruby rings for women will always be available around the world. They can be seen sparkling in all jewellery shops everywhere, for women love things of great beauty, colour and glamour and what could look and feel better than a blood-red  ruby ring on a woman’s finger, especially, a big, shiny one!

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