Marquise diamond engagement ring for harmony and elegance of fingers

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Brilliant “Marquis” is a boat shaped stone. Harbingers of this cut form are so called “Navette” – diamonds with the shape similar to a small shuttle. Such a form was largely predicted by the initial structure of diamond, because Navette was made from elongated crystals. One of the classic boat diamonds is 15-carat Navette from the collection of Cardinal Mazarin (early baroque). A marquise diamond engagement ring is more budget than minerals with the usual round cut. This is because the round shape requires more careful attention to the optical properties than “marquis”.

The name “Marquis”, probably owes its existence to the famous Marquise de Pompadour or even more her smile. Delighted with this quality of his favorite, Louis XV decided to make her a gift, not only worthy, but similar to a dazzling form of Marquise smile. That is why, even with the fact that “Marquis” was formally established not so long ago, it could be attributed to one of the classic forms of cut.

The evaluation of fancy cut diamonds is produced by various criteria:
– Processing of such a cut suggests a slight loss of stone initial weight relative to the weight of the finished gem. The ratio of fancy shapes is 80%.
– The following feature of fancy cut – in stone processing of this way the angles of inclination of facets are significantly changed and thereby the reflectivity of the finished mineral is reducing.
– A major role in the evaluation of the gemstone may play the specialist personal preferences, which often are focused on the external indicators of jewelry.

The urgency and relevance of a marquise diamond engagement ring is caused by the dazzling game of light through a clear calculation of the stone facets number and their location. The form of this type of cut resembles a boat with narrowing tips in the corners. Often thus treated stones are called “cat’s eye” or “hook”.

The minerals of an elongated type are great for the “Marquis” cutting. So, it is possible to make a small weight loss of the finished product with respect to the natural original. At the end it gives a very elegant gemstone, visually larger than it really is. This effect is achieved with the help of the optical properties of the treated diamonds. The obtained insertion is ideal for rings. Slightly elongated shape of a marquise diamond engagement ring visually lengthens fingers of its owner and makes them more refined.

Oblong “Marquises” are great for women’s jewelry, emphasizing the harmony and elegance of ladies’ fingers. A good solution is inserting a diamond in the center with smaller stones, mostly concentrated on the elongated narrowing edges of the main diamond.

By purchasing a marquise diamond engagement ring, look at its characteristics, such as length and width. The ratio standard is 2:1, where the width of the gem is half of its length – it is an ideal. But despite the generally accepted standard, naturally determining when making the choice of product will serve your own taste and preferences.

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