Mens Hoop Earrings – What does Distinguish Them?

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Mens Hoop Earrings

11 Photos of the Mens Hoop Earrings – What does Distinguish Them?

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Mens hoop earrings are a great choice for those who want something more original than just stud earrings. Even with a small size its form can be provided with the most diverse design.

The main difference between men’s earrings and women ones are the brevity and restraint of its design. There are no strict limitations, but women wear more typical fantasy earrings of bright and sophisticated variation forms. Standard canons of modern men’s fashion allow a variety of ways to express themselves. However, even the most unusual and extravagant representatives of strong half of humanity prefer to adorn themselves with earrings of “male” subjects. In fact the shape and color of the product are especially true.

What does the “masculine” hoop form of earrings mean?

An inexperienced female eye does not immediately distinguish mens hoop earrings in the total mass of jewelry. Indeed, in general, forms and types of men’s products are the same with women. For example, small round earrings look almost the same. However, when you try on such decorations any women will immediately feel “that something is not right there”. Male decorations usually are felt rougher, more massive, more simply, there are not the usual smooth bends.

Now earrings for men highlight a number of main features:

  • clear geometric contour without rounding on the hoops;
  • often enlarged castes (a base under the insert);
  • massiveness (the most men earrings are often made wide);
  • the minimum number of decorative elements (in common female jewelry “whorls”).

The color of these products is typically discreet – if it is gold, it may be mostly white or platinum, or quite often it is made from jewelry steel, having the desired calm cold shade inherent, such as weapons have. Often, jewelers use a combination of different metals, but hardly more than two different and in this case, not many of them take the risk to add a third decorative element (like a stone) – it would be quite natural just for women’s hoop earrings for men

In addition to strongly pronounced mens hoop earrings jewelry industry offers a wide variety of so-called unisex jewelry. These various hoops earrings may be with different diameters and widths. Neat hoops can be metal or have inserts of diamonds, cubic zirconia or some dark stones. These earrings are worn by both women and men. However, women need to be careful – this style is not for everyone and unisex jewelry still looks like men rather than women’s.

The material from which most hoop earrings are often made can be gold, silver, steel, copper. Maybe the perfect choice for most men will be earrings made from steel, since this material does not cause allergies and is much cheaper than gold and silver. You can buy men’s earrings of a round shape for every taste: with stones, with an unusual engraving, of different colors – blue, black and other unusual shades.

Today mens hoop earrings are an attribute of stylish and confident males, that are emphasizing with the help of the decorations the taste and sexuality.

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