Moissanite Engagement Rings for Her. Best Recomendations

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10 Photos of the Moissanite Engagement Rings for Her. Best Recomendations

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Moissanite engagement rings – give her reason to smile

The season of love has arrived and it is only love that’s in the air. Couples can be seen in every corner of the city. Some are newly in love while others have been in love for quite some time. Those who have been in love for quite some time must be looking for a special thing to give to their valentine. Then, there would be some who would be going to tie the knot. It is for them that there is a very precious and a special thing in the market that they can give to their loved ones and that is an engagement ring. But as you go and search for an wedding  ring, it can be overwhelming and time-taking to sort through all the options available, and hence the confusion increases. There is a budget to set, there are styles to consider with settings to envision and possibly most importantly, there are various gemstones to compare. Still the diamond holds the highest standard and is considered the most valuable for an engagement ring, but there are many more options available which are also equally good. One gemstone that matches these standards is Moissanite and there are many Moissanite engagement rings available in the market.

Moissanite is neck to neck with diamond

  • Durability- Gemstones are measured on the Mohs Scale of Hardness which can assess the gem’s power to withstand the surface scratching. On that scale, Moissanite scores almost 9.25 which is a very good score.
  • Brilliance- Moissanite exhibits a different kind of brilliance when compared to diamonds because the faceting pattern is very different. When comparing 2 ringsin this category, it may  be easy to differentiate a Moissanite from a genuine diamond, since some experts complain that the Moissanite’s heightened and brilliance can create a gaudier, disco ball effect, especially in the sunlight and as the stone increases in size.
  • Color- Moissanites engagement rings match the diamonds in color also as even those Moissanites touted as “colorless” can project a grayish or yellow hue in certain kind of lights. A colorless diamond, if  lab-made or natural, has a natural color which contains no traces of gray, brown or yellow.
  • Lower Cost – When it comes to cost, the Moissanites are much cheaper than the diamonds. They are easily affordable and will give the satisfaction also. Whereas the diamonds are way expensive and are only for the richest people in the society.

moissanite lotus flower engagement ring

Some of the many types of the Moissanite engagement rings

  • 1.5 Carrot Round Trellis Moissanite Ring
  • Double Row Diamond Tips Round Ring
  • Channel Set Princess and Round Engagement Ring
  • Halo Style Round and Brilliant Moissanite Center Ring.
  • Cathedral Style Princess Moissanite Center Ring

So if you are in love and in search of something beautiful gift which you want to give to your better half then you can opt for moissanite engagement rings. You will surely not regret giving one to her.

cushion cut moissanite engagement rings

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