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Silver Necklaces for men

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Silver Necklaces for men

Necklaces for men today are very widespread, every modern fashionable guy has a few decorations on the neck: beads, beads – with a cross, a stylish chain or original choker.

Ancient jewelry used to be made from mollusk shells, bones and teeth of animals and were worn by primeval men. Tribal leaders, successful hunters emphasized with trophies their own status. Over time, the beautiful half of humanity has made originally men necklaces as the common feminine accessory. But the modern fashion begins to influence more on male.

And if the first steps in this direction the stronger sex made in the relaxed and creative environment and on vacations, the fashion trend today is actively winning the casual style. And the celebrities are setting the tone for the most daring and stylish men. The buying of necklaces for men is not too difficult, but just a few men may dare to wear this decoration. First of all, it can easily do the youth subcultures and creative professionals.

Traditionally male necklaces have different forms of austerity, restraint shades, laconic materials. The most common in their manufacture are used wood beads, agate, ivory, tourmaline, glass, ceramics, coral, hematite, lapis lazuli. Natural stones are our protection, help us to build and properly direct our lives. Even since ancient times, people worshiped the natural stones, wore them, made decorations from them, treated with them, communicated with other world through the stones. Stones are amazing natural materials, alluring and mysterious.

Today became more popular necklaces made from stones of dark colors: chocolate jasper, black agate, hawkeye, carnelian. These necklaces can be a great addition to the watch, or vice versa, the watch may be picked up in the tone to necklaces.

The length of necklaces for men is different – short, mid-chest, waist-length. One of the most popular varieties are called choker. This short beads are free clasping the base of the neck. Necklaces can be decorated with various elements, such as a pendant in the form of coins, skull, blade, claw.

Even many conservative jewelers develop non-traditional models of modern styles to satisfy the desires of their clients. Among these products may be, for example, the decorations of technostyle, which is characterized by such materials for jewelry, as various nuts and screws. It may also be the product in the industrial style, dominated by a variety of precious pendants from leather or rubber. So many men like necklaces, elements of which are associated with the colorful life of macho. In the role of these elements can act, for example, a variety of ammunition.

When choosing necklaces for men you should look at the strength of the base. This can be a thread or a chain. If the metallic elements are made not from precious metals, it is necessary to avoid the contact with water. It applies to wooden necklaces. Glass decorations need to be carefully inspected for splinters. Also check the reliability of fastening of clasps and its relevance in size and style.

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