Non Diamond Engagement Rings. Love Is Forever with this ring

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4 types of non diamond engagement rings

6 Photos of the Non Diamond Engagement Rings. Love Is Forever with this ring

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It is a universal theory that diamonds are a girl’s best friend.  However, none of the guys have ever tried to gift a non-diamond ring and disappoint her. Here is a lesser-known  fact- real women do not care whether it is a diamond or not. All they appreciate is the love and care with which anything has been gifted to her. This fact also stands true when it comes to non diamond engagement rings. Now the market is full of options and varieties and buying a diamond is not all you can do for her.

Gone are the days when diamonds symbolized status and love at the same time. Today, one can find cheaper options in the market which are not less than the grace of a real diamond. However, many people still believe that you need to slip in a diamond in her finger to have a memorable wedding or engagement ceremony.

No doubt non diamond engagement rings are mostly the second option, and everybody wishes to buy a diamond in the first place.

Main reasons of chosing non diamond engagement rings

  1. Making a difference
    Since, diamonds are traditional and have been the first priority for ages, new-age  couples are inclined towards being distinctive. As a result, many people buy non diamond engagement rings so that they have something different from others in their ceremony. And on second thoughts, there is nothing wrong in doing so.
  2. Budget Constraints
    Not every couple has the privilege to marry the royal style and expend outrageously on their weddings. Similarly, those who wish to keep it simple or cannot afford diamond rocks, prefer non diamond rings for their ceremony. Even though some people find it extremely important to have diamond rings in wedding, there are others who care only about the love that the ring holds, regardless of its price.
  3. Varied Options in the market
    Over the past few decades, diamond is no longer seen as a must-have for the ceremony. The market today is filled with alternatives such as emerald rings, sapphire rings, silver rings, tungsten rings, and many more. Apart from the varieties, it is also a known fact that all these stones are less expensive than the big diamond rocks. So, you get the variety as well as affordability.
  4. Personal Dislike for diamonds
    Many people deliberately tend to stay away from diamonds due to many reasons. One of them, which is also the most common, is the fact that diamonds take a huge amount of maintenance. Cleaning, keeping them scratch proof, and checking their fitting every now and then can be a headache for some. Apart from this, there was also a possibility of losing a diamond earlier in the past and the fear of losing one again is still lingering. Diamonds are costly and not everyone can afford to lose them due to any reason. This is also one main reason that popularity of non diamond engagement rings has been growing at a very high pace.

Non diamond engagement rings bridal set

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