Opal engagement rings go the traditional way of wedding

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Australian Opal Engagement Rings Set

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Opal engagement rings for women

The best way to express love has always been with a ring. It can be said that it is the traditional way of letting someone know that you love him or her. But then comes the question as to which ring one should select. Though all the girls prefer to have diamonds, there are other options too, which you can keep in front of them. Various gemstones other than diamonds, such as the opal, pearl and many more are available in the market and one can select the ones that suits the personality of your lady love. Among these opal engagement rings for women are one the finest rings that you can trust and have for your loved ones.

If we talk about opals, these are known as “Queen of Gems” and are one of the most beautiful gems in the world. The Opal displays the colors of the rainbow in a wonderful way and diffracts a color pattern that is known as the play of color. This makes opal very unique and its rings are becoming more popular amongst people looking for a different engagement ring. Also, it is very rare to find an opal ring because the opal is rarely available. So you will have to make efforts to make your loved one feel special.

Unique Blue Engagement Rings for Women

Tips and Ideas for Opal Engagement Rings for Women

  • Pick a rub over  setting. This is largely  much  for opal engagement rings, as the rub-over settings provide much better security and can protect your opal. A thin rim of gold follows and covers the whole edge of the stone so as to protect it from damage and impact, and in that way ensures the stone can stay securely in proper place.
  • Boulder opal is a kind of harder wearing. For its very hard natural backing of ironstone, the boulder opal of Queensland is more resilient and has an edge over opals of different origins. In the opal engagement ring, the boulder opals are ideal. The Black opals or crystal opals, and white ones are also worthy, but don’t have the same kind of hard-wearing quality as the boulder opals.
  • Select  stone with a dome on top. But Opals with a high cabochon a dome on top are more unprotected and unsafe to impact damage and thus, if your stone has a lesser dome or flat   on top, it is less likely to be disfigured.Vintage Fire Opal Engagement Ring Photo

It will give extreme satisfaction and the decision will not be regretted ever. This queen of gems has many factors going its way because of which it has a reputation in the market. There are different types of opal engagement rings for women available and only the best one should be chosen.
So if you want your loved one to love you forever, then go for opal engagement rings. It will truly reflect your love you have for them.

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