Oval Diamond Engagement Rings – Vintage Hint

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Oval Diamond Engagement Rings

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Oval Diamond Engagement Rings

Oval is the classic form of cut, which has an oval contour and the same pattern as the round shape. With the perfect play of color it is one of the widespread fancy shapes. This kind of elongated round-cut recently has gained a great demand in oval diamond engagement rings. This cut is very widely used and preferred by lovers of uniquely shaped stones.

The choosing of the cut type is affected not only the preferences of jewelers, but the original form of the stone. Fancy shapes can reduce the losses of raw materials, keeping as much weight of a natural diamond as possible. There may be also used the conventional brilliant cut, but just slightly modifying the form of the final stone with the same facets and locations for to each other.

This shape is very firmly established in the jewelry world and though it is just one variant of the round cut. There is no principal difference between them, unless to consider the elongated form of the diamond. Having the equal weight, the oval gem has bigger crown, so the shine and play of colors will be more intense than the round gem may produce. Oval diamond engagement rings are often supplemented by other stones in the detailed composition, where they can be surrounded by smaller diamonds. The oval stone looks larger and shines brighter in this way.

Oval type of cut appeared relatively recently – in the 60s of the last century, in contrast to the circular, which has been known for more than three hundred years. A diamond of an oval form – that is the timeless beauty. Externally, the oval shape resembles a round one, but the benefits here are its larger volume and vintage look.

Most often this form is used for large stones to avoid excessive grinding, like for decorating rings, earrings, necklaces. Oval diamonds are usually cheaper than comparable of the same weight round ones, but they are becoming really demanded because of the currently fashionable “vintage”, especially after Tom Cruise presented the ring with an oval faceted diamond to Katie Holmes.

The oval stone has 33 facets on the outside and 22 on the inside, so together 55 facets. If the quality of jewelry shape is perfect, this gem will have the same luster as the round stone. But still if the cut is made not ideally, in the center part may be present a dark spot like a butterfly.

Oval diamond engagement rings have the added benefit of an elongated form, which may give the illusion of a larger size. This form is very popular as a diamond seems really huge and shines like a round diamond. A huge single diamond shaped in the oval form attached in a suitable for it metal, visually may even lengthen female fingers. So, brides with too short fingers have surely purchase such engagement decorations.

Oval-cut type exists in different variations in length to width. The stone may be high and narrow or almost circular. More elongated oval diamond engagement rings will look great on girls with small hands and short fingers. Therefore, if you prefer to visually enlarge the female fingers, choose this type of cut.

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