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Diamond Oval Halo Engagement Rings

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Diamond Oval Halo Engagement Rings

The central oval diamond in the engagement ring may be encrusted by Halo. There are very different kinds of such decorations, because they all depend on the shape of the central gemstone. Typically, the halo method is widely used in many engagement rings. Oval halo engagement rings have the popular variety on the jewelry market. Such a decoration is encrusted with small diamonds around the large one.

This style is exuding the romance of the last century and reminds a family heirloom – a ring that you may find in your grandmother’s jewelry box. Stones of mostly all shapes and sizes may be underlined by the oval halo, which will add to the size and weight for the central stone.

These are very delicate rings, they are often created in the Edwardian style, retro and other classic styles. In the center on a gear fasteningthere is placed a large diamond of an oval form. It is surrounded by small stones, creating a sparkling “halo”, increasing the beauty and depth of the center stone luster. Thanks to them, the main stone seems larger and the entire ring looks refined. Artfully chosen, tiny diamonds make a delicate fringe, it seems like they are asking: “Do you marry me?”. This is a charming option for a marriage proposal.

In the autumn 2013 Scarlett Johansson has demonstrated her Art Deco engagement ring. The big size of the ring and its beautiful shine without necessarily large central stone – these are the main features of the halo vintage style.

Oval halo engagement rings – significant trends of the last ten years. Nevertheless, the fashion for them among celebrities decreases and they go out from fashion to the classic category. This is the most striking example of timeless style and credible quality.

This style is suitable for those couples who can not afford the traditional large central stone in the ring, but they still want the ring with not lost elegance, because of smaller diamonds.

Smaller diamond – more metal – this is the principle of halo engagement rings. Jewelers surround a brilliant stone by halo with herbal pattern, curls, leaves and berries. If you look at the jewelry from a distance, it looks like a classic diamond, but only closely it is noticeable that this effect is created by a halo style.

If you prefer to abandon the tradition in favor of a ring that is visible everywhere, there are many options of oval halo engagement rings. The central stone may be not white, colored diamonds will definitely make your engagement decoration clearly visible. The combination of white and colored stones also gives drama and enhances the “fire” and brilliance of the stone.

Vintage jewelry will never lose its value, it even increases with ages. A ring with diamonds in platinum or white gold transmited by generations may be more relevant as the proposal gift, demonstrating respect for family values ​​and traditions. Graceful details of oval halo engagement rings can create a striking impression. Vintage and modern solutions are all parts of the fashion trends of jewelry decorations.

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