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cushion cut pave engagement rings

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cushion cut pave engagement rings

Pave engagement rings look like a honeycomb. This type of installation allows to maximize the impact of small diamonds. It turns out very impressive piece of jewelry regardless of its value. The tack of “pave” allows the installer to group not a large number of diamonds in that location, where otherwise it would require a large diamond. Another reason for the popularity of “pave” settings is that it allows to fill up the space with irregular geometric shape.

Sometimes the mention of pave engagement rings makes future spouses confused: little gems are often used as elements such rings, but thinking in their imagination of wedding rings with diamonds, newlyweds usually imagine a large solitaire. Nonetheless, the scattering of precious stones is used as the composite way for many years.

Products decorated with pave settings look as if they are made entirely of diamonds – this is the basic idea of ​​the stylistic solutions. The original, but very elegant and luxurious look of accessories makes them popular among contemporary designers and their clients. Unlike gemstones inlaid into gold or platinum surface, each pave diamond is fixed separately to allow a maximum amount of light rays pass through the facets. Thus, jewelers are making incredibly intense and attractive luster.

It may give the impression that pave engagement rings cost not less than the large solitaire ones, but rings with such diamonds are low cost. Even if the total carat weight of all gemstones equal to the weight of one large diamond, they will cost up to 90% cheaper.

There are three ways of using this technique in jewelry compositions. Several tiny stones can line up in a row with the largest sample in the center. Sometimes the central diamond is bordered on all sides by a variety of smaller. Finally, there are a lot of pave decorations without one big gem.

Which of these options should a bride choose? It all depends on the individual preferences of the future owner, her way of life, work and hobbies. If a girl leads an active lifestyle, it is much more reasonable to buy jewelry with an ergonomic design. Even if a bride likes the idea of ​​using large gemstones in the design of conventional rings, she has to remember that such rings with the convex surface can generate a constant discomfort, clinging to clothes and scratching of the surrounding objects.

By purchasing pave engagement rings, a woman does not only get truly exquisite accessories, but also saves the financial funds of her husband, not overpaying for expensive and often inconvenient diamonds of larger sizes.

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