Pear Cut Engagement Rings for Ambitious People

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pear cut engagement rings white gold

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pear cut engagement rings white gold

Pear cut engagement rings are relevant and useful today kind of jewelry. The value between the up and low places of the stone in these charming decorations approximately equal for proportions of round cut of gems.

The pear cut of a precious gem is a beautiful, elegant stone shape with a round form on the end on one gem part and tapered to a point on the other part, in its form really resembles a pear. This interesting form is mostly used in a stone og big size that is placed in the center of the ring and earrings or a drop pendant.

The pear-shaped stone is characterized by perfect symmetry, which is a guarantee that the shine will be reflected evenly, especially at the place of constriction. The most profitable cut of “pear” looks at the big stones, but not less frequently it is used for smaller precious gems.

This unusual form is also named the “teardrop”. The pear shape stone is a kind of hybrid of different styles. It is combined in its bending the forms of “oval” and “marquise”. These unique pear cut engagement rings are ideal for ladies who play only by own rules and are sure that the two are always better than one.

Essentially the cut of “pear” is a stone owning on one side a rounded end and the other one is sharped. The aspect ratio might be from 1.5 to 2. The high ratio gives the more elongated stone, which appears in fact of processing. The main feature of this cut is an exact symmetry between the parties. If the symmetry is not exact, then it will be difficult to get the uniform reflection of light falling on the stone.

A stone faceted by pear shape needs to attach in a setting of special way with five jags, two of which are fixed by the round end, two – on the sides for securely holding the stone and a V-shaped jag – on the point of narrowing part at the other end, which is really a vulnerable place of the stone.

Due to such proportions the form of pear-shaped gem is created. Primarily this variant of shape is used in the processing of a main stone in the ring. This form of pear cut engagement rings visually lengthens the fingers and helps to make them more sophisticated. In teardrop pendants and earrings are also often used stone cut of “pear” form. Such decorations look very gentle and suitable for almost any look of the female appearance.

Although the shape in the form of “pear” looks in this way like round one, it differs just enough to stand out among the others, and this is the feature of women who gravitate to this facet. Besides the desire to be different, fans of pear cut engagement rings are ambitious people seeking to the experience of new sensations and are extremely active in their social circle. But even if these women love to have fun, they are more endowed with a strong sense of nepotism, and they are perfect and kind wives and mothers. And for them, it is important not to let their demanding and thirsty nature looking for attention to overshadow the positive qualities.

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